Uruguay 3

On the 15th of February I enter Punta del Este.  What a surprise!  It was a combination of Monterey, California, Malibu, Palm Springs and and Santa Barbara.  A very elite and expensive area.  I stopped and looked at real estate listings and the prices are not cheap.  High rise condos run $500,000 to $800,000 and the homes much more.  During the peak vacation periods apartments rent for $8,000 to $15,000 per month.

This home was on the beach.

These nice large homes continue for many miles.

And it had a Casino...

Yes, I got my "Texas Hold'em" fix!

Again, every style of home you could imagine.
With all the glass, it was not a very private home.

I have reached a part of South America where there are no bars on the windows!

On the 16th a ride around Punta del Este in 1st and 2nd gear.

The reasoning I am posting these pictures, is I think that many people believe that the world rotates around their own country and their own neighborhoods.  I think that these pictures highlight that there are many spots in the world where people "Live the Good Life"!

And they dare to be creative!
Unusual bridge design....
The church and town plaza in the city of Maldonado, Uruguay, which is located approximately 3 miles inland from Punta del Este.
The preferred mode of transportation is scooters.

Cars park on the right, and the scooters on left.

Every street in Maldonado was lined with scooters!

And no locks to secure the bikes!

$800,000 will buy you a place in this building, over looking the beach in Punta del Este.
I ran into a group from Recife, Brazil riding these trikes.

They had modern fuel injected engines with ABS brakes.

Notice the bus conversion motor home in the background.

I am now meeting many people from Brazil.

I am getting excited about arriving in Brazil (about 6 weeks away).

I am guessing that the distance the Brazilians rode these trikes (from Recife, Brazil to Punta del Este), is well over 1,500 miles.

It is the 17th of February, and I am feeling a little better today.  I have decide to stay one more night in Punta del Este, before I head back to Argentina.  Javier, of Dakar Moto in Buenos Aires, suggested that I visit Casapueblo, which was only 6 miles from Punta del Este.

One of the nice homes along the road to Casapueblo.
Carlos Paez Vilaro built this huge white structure as his home.

Construction started almost 50 years ago.

The home has a great view over looking the Atlantic Ocean.

Only an artist could be as creative, in the design of a home!

Carlos had a son, who was one of the rugby players that crashed in the Andes in 1972, which was made famous by the book and movie "Alive". 

His son was one of the survivors.

On Sunday, the 18th, I depart the Hotel Amsterdam, in Punta del Este, and head towards Argentina.
The view looking East from the steps of the hotel....

What a beautiful sunrise....

Sure hate to leave!

The view looking south, from the same steps.

Being sick for a few days, I was concerned about a 350 to 400 mile day.

As it turned out, I made it to Colon, Argentina by 3:30, and it was a great relaxing ride.

Could have easily done another 100 to 150 miles.

Uruguay has to be one of the MOST RELAXING places I have ever ridden! 

I will always have fond memories of visiting and riding in Uruguay.

My Father had a green 1958 Delrey.
Again, you see collections of old cars all over Uruguay!

In the countryside these horse drawn carriages are also common.

The view from my 3rd floor room in Colon, Argentina which over looks the Rio Uruguay, which separates Uruguay and Argentina.  One night here, then on to Rosario, Argentina.

Colon is a popular vacation and camping location for Argentines'. 

The white sandy beach goes on for almost 3 miles.

That's it for now.  The old beast is still running strong, although I am getting only 28 to 29 miles to the gallon!

That's it through the 18th of February, 2007.

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