Uruguay 2

Hello again.  This page is a continuation of the "Then and Now's" I took on the 14th of February, 2007.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

This next picture is also from Fireside Travels in South America, printed in 1948.  I am not 100% sure, but I do not believe it is still the embassy, as the caption to the picture states.

What is funny is I just stumbled on this "Then and Now", while spending 3 hours looking for another building, which I never found.

Since I am "airplaneless", this next pictures was difficult to take.  It is Carrasco Beach, about 10 miles east of Montevideo.  The picture is from a book written in 1940, by Sydney Clark called East Coast of South America.

I was told that it is in the process of restoration, but I saw no workers or equipment.

Another angle.  It must have been Grand, in it hay day.

The following picture is from the same book of 1940.

A tree blocks the view of the far right animal.

I did notice in the old photograph, that the lead animal had a tail, and now it looks like it has a bobcats tail.

The next picture confirms the observation!

This 1921 photo is from the book "Trip to the Land of Romance", by W, Sayle. The doorman informed me that the old hotel pictured below, was built in the late 1950's.  It replaced the hotel to the left.  What a shame!

The next two "Then and Now's" are from 2 different books of the same year (1943). 

Both pictures are of the icon building of Montevideo.  The first picture is from Pan American Highway (of 1943).

The clock is missing.

Again, from 1943.  The book is the "Other Americans".

The dress is a little more casual today.

From Fireside Travels of 1948.

It appears that the first old building on the far right and the building with a church like tower are the only two original building in this photo.

The following pictures were taken as I drove around Montevideo, looking for the Old picture locations.  What I see, while looking for the old buildings, is one of the things I enjoy.

In the older sections of Montevideo you can find every different style of homes.

I spent 3 hours in first gear just poking through the neighborhoods of Montevideo.

Besides the neighborhoods, the coastal road is lined with high rise for nearly 15 miles.
In Uruguay you see many classic old cars.

This car looked as though it should be in a concourse car show in Pebble Beach

I liked the pop up wind screen for the passengers.
Not sure what this was, but it made a LOT of noise!

Check out the detail in the iron work.....
And contrasting modern structures.......
And broad tree lined avenues make Montevideo, Uruguay a fun city to spend a few days to enjoy.

This is where the coastal road ends about 20 miles east of Montevideo.

Sure wish Sandy was here to enjoy the sights of Uruguay!

On the 15th I depart Montevideo, and head east to Punta del Este, a famous beach resort in Uruguay.

I have not played "Texas Hold'em" for over 3 weeks now, and my withdrawal from my poker habit was abating, until I saw this sign!
Common road side scene in Uruguay!
The hotel "Argentino" in the city of Pipiapolis, Uruguay.

Old and stately (the hotel, not the bike).

The beach located directly across the road from the Argentino.

For the next 30 miles, it is beach after beach.

It is no wonder that the people of Argentina visit Uruguay!

And I finally make it to Punta del Este....

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