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Before I head to Uruguay, I have a few more pictures to post.  On the 9th of February, 2007, I head out to find a home where Che parents once lived.

The book, from 1948, states that Che's parents lived here, and this is Che resting on the balcony.  The problem is the book gave a street name which does not exist.

After a lot of research, the street name was misspelled, and I was able to find the neighborhood.

This is the exact location of their home, but the building was tore down in 1975, and this 32  year old building is now in it's place.

Originally I thought that maybe the iron work was redone, but......

I hung around the front door for nearly one hour to try and gain entry into the building.

Finally, this lady came out of the build and immediately confirmed that Che did live in the building that use to be on this site.

Views from my apartment in Buenos Aires.

The 10th was a day for just walking around Buenos Aires and enjoying the sights of the city.

This is the church steeple which we have visited many times.

The ornament on top of a grave site in Recoleta Cemetery.
On Sunday, the 11th, I picked the motorcycle up from Dakar Moto.

This is a gentleman from Germany, which is riding around the world on a airhead BMW.

I am turning 59 years old and wonder if I am getting a little to old for this kind of travel.

When I found out that this gentleman is 67, I decided to stop my whining!

After picking the bike up, I visited Dan and Teresa from the United States.

Dan is in Argentina as the Naval Attaché, at the US Embassy.

I showed up on their doorstep at 11:00 am and enjoyed their company so much that I did not get back to the apartment until 11:00 pm.

Very nice people.  We had much in common.  Dan is thinking about riding again, and we are both pilots.

Hope to visit them again, when Sandy arrives!

( I owe Teresa "Big Time"... she gave me a jar of peanut butter and a freshly baked loaf of banana bread).

On Monday, I take the train out to see Javier at Dakar Moto, to pay my bill.

Note to other riders:  Javier and Sandra and the best of people and VERY fair with repairs.

I had 2 tires and the steering head bearing replaced.

I feel very comfortable using the trains, subways and taxi's of Buenos Aires.  It is a easy city to get around in without your own transportation!

Sandy emailed me that the news in Los Angeles had a news story that newborn White Bengal Tigers where now on display at the Zoo in Buenos Aires.

I guess these things are rare!

She had two striped kittens and one all white baby!
This is one way to drink from a fountain!
She would put her trunk into the flowing fountain for about 30 seconds.

You could here the water splashing inside the trunk.

Then she would insert the trunk into her mouth and drink the 3 to 5 gallons!

I am sure it was a little warm for this guy!
The 12 to 1 zoom has come in handy.

My last "Then and Now" for Buenos Aires is the Ambassadors Home.  The following picture is from the book, Fireside Travels, dated 1948.  The Now picture is not taken from the exact same spot.  As soon as I stepped into the intersection to take the photograph, I had 3 policemen from inside the compound start yelling and screaming.  In order to avoid being shot, I immediately put the camera down and retreated from the area.  Hey, I got within 40 feet of the exact spot that the original was taken from.  I had the triangulation right, but not the distance!  Note the new builds in the Now photograph.

As this was my last night in Buenos Aires for a while, I went to my favorite restaurant within walking distance of the apartment.

Had two glasses of wine, and then went back to the apartment to sleep it off.

Well, it is the 13th of February, and time to head to Uruguay (the motorcycle had to be out of the Argentina by the 15th).

I will miss Buenos Aires.

I will NOT miss the traffic.

The ferries are clean, modern and fast.

It is easier to book a trip on the ferry and cross between Argentina and Uruguay, then cross ANY Central American border crossing!

And before you know it, you are in the relaxed environment of beautiful Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
The cobblestone streets of Colonia.

Even the road between cities is beautiful and relaxing.  I find myself riding with a smile, realizing how fortunate I am to be able to experience South America, in such a slow and relaxed pace.  No rush to get anywhere.  This may sound corny, but I do not "take for granted" even one mile of this adventure.

From Colonia, east to Montevideo is a ride of only 125 miles.  And I return to the city where Sandy had her heart problems last year.  I still have my fingers crossed that she can join me soon.  Typical street of Montevideo's old city center.

And typical monuments which are centered in the boulevards of Montevideo.

I see cars like this and wonder which has the largest displacement engine?

The car or my motorcycle?

It is now the 14th, and it is Valentines Day, so my day started by calling Sandy and wishing her a Happy Valentines Day.  Not sure she appreciated it, as I was so excited about calling her, and I waited until noon here in Montevideo.  But it was only 6:00 am in California.  Sorry Sandy.

Today is a "Then and Now" day in Montevideo, Uruguay.  I love the entire process.  The history, the search, the flash backs to the books, the contacts with the citizens of a foreign country........ the entire process I find extremely entertaining.

In order to take the first "Then and Now", I knew I had to gain access to the tallest building, on the left side of this picture.

I stood by the front door for about 15 minutes, looking like I lost my dog.

Finally somebody came to the front door.

I explained my intent, and pretty soon the lady called the superintendent of the building (a lady that looked about 75 years old).

The lady asked no questions and immediately took me to the top floor of the building.

We then climb one floor and she opened a door to a room with electronics that looked VERY old!

This is the door we entered.

She then turned me around and pointed to this motor which was about 7 feet long and 3 feet in diameter.

She pointed and said go ahead.

I had to climb over the motor, then up the wrought iron steps on the far right of this picture, where I slid open a roof top access panel.

As I stood on the motor, it started up.

I am not sure if it was fear, or the fact that I realized that I was on top of the elevator motor, or electrical charges that made the hair on my arms stand up.

Note the speed that the motor I am standing on is spinning at!

The cable pulley is about 2 feet in diameter and spinning... I guess they have no concerns about liability!

The following pictures is from Fireside Travels, printed in 1948.  In the far corner of the Plaza is the Theater.

The theater is now dwarfed by the progress of the last 59 years.

The following "Then and Now" is of the same Theater.  The picture is of the same book of 1948.

Note: The newer building in the back ground.

Ironically, it was on the steps of this Theater that Sandy started her heart incident last year.

One of many pictures I took while on top of the building capturing old pictures of the town Plaza.

The next picture is from one of my recent purchases.  It is a book by J.A. Zahm (printed in 1916).  Zahm was on the exploration of the Amazon Basin with Teddy Roosevelt during 1912.  This then and now was a little let down, as you will see in the "Now" picture.

Yes, the church is among those trees.

If you look at the old picture, you will see this building to the right of the church, but a 3rd floor has been added since 1916.
The church, as it looks today, from a different angle.

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