Trip to San Antonio

The trip begins early on Saturday morning (July 7, 2001).  The goal is San Antonio, Texas, which is approximately 1,160 flying miles to the east (1,371 miles if you drove).  I now realize how big Texas real is!

The trip started out with this beautiful view of the mountains near Big Bear and the Banning pass.  As we flew over my Dad's place, we made one last telephone call to tell him we were on our way!
The view from the front seat of an airplane is unparalleled regarding the sights to be seen. 
When we prepared for the trip, we had the propeller of the Cardinal polished.  

It was polished to the point that you could have shaved in the reflection.

During a refueling stop in Casa Grande, we noticed the image of the fuel truck.

Another great view over the deserts of the Southwest.
This is the largest auto salvage yard I have ever seen.  

Of course it was located in Texas (just east of El Paso).

A fuel stop at an abandoned "Fort Stockton", Texas.

We finally made it to San Antonio, Texas!

This is the "Menger Hotel", which is located on the same square where the "Alamo" is found.

The hotel was beautiful inside.  

It was also the location where Teddy Roosevelt picked the men which were part of the "Rough Riders", which went to Cuba.

This is part of the infamous "River Walk", which is located in downtown San Antonio.

It is miles long and meanders throughout San Antonio's downtown area.

The "Alamo".
Sandy and the "Alamo".
We rented a car and drove around the San Antonio area.  

We ran into this glider airport.

The "River Walk"

Restaurants line the "River Walk".
You can get a boat ride on the river. 

Or have dinner on the boats, as you tour the channels of San Antonio.

We would leave our Cardinal at the airport, and come back to find her rubbing shoulders with the upper class.  

We couldn't leave her anywhere without this occurring.

The view of Downtown San Antonio 

The tower on the left is "The Tower of the America's"

We have our first problem with the airplane.

Ended up being a faulty flap extension switch.

Fixed and ready to head for the gulf coast of Mexico!

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