Trip to Puerto Vallarta



Darrell Hiatt and I are planning an adventure to Puerto Vallarta. Mexico.  The plan is for a lot of off road motorcycle riding.  When?  May? April? November?  We are not sure yet!  The current, although flexible, plan is to have the dirt bikes hauled to Puerto Vallarta in a truck owned by Darrell (and driven by one of Darrell's employees).  Then we ride and fish (and maybe drink a beer or two) for a week.  In addition, if anybody would be interested in riding motorcycles from here to there, I would seriously be interested (such as on a BMW 100 GS... not on the dirt bikes we are riding).


Dirt Biker Magazine had a great article of the riding in this area (in the near future I will try to find the article, and scan it to this page).  We are considering hiring the guy that leads these trips. 


Darrell owns two homes in P.V., as seen in the pictures below.  This would be our base for most of the ride.

Master Bedroom of Casa Brisa del Mar.
Casa Brisa del Mar's entry way.
Food preparation and eating area.
Aching pain recovery room.
Bench racing area.
Another resting area at Casa Brisa del Mar.
Down stairs restroom.


Also occasionally used for alcohol expulsion!

Casa Brisa del Mar's view!
Casa Brisa del Mar entry hall.
Casa Brisa del Mar's muscle rejuvenation area.
Casa Brisa del Mar's bedroom with two twin beds.
Another view.
Casa Brisa del Mar excellent bath.

And now for a brief run through Casa Vista del Sol !

Casa Vista del Sol's bedroom.
What a view!
Casa Vista del Sol's dining area.
Love this!
Darrell states that although the home is in Mexico, the toilets at Casa Vista del Sol do flush!
Living area.
This is where Ploung will be!
Where are the babe's?
Casa Vista del Sol's queen bedroom and view.


No Tom.....  Not the kind of "Queen" which you maybe thinking about!

Alcohol consumption area.
Alcohol discharge area.
I already have the feeling that this will be a hard place to leave!

More information will be coming soon!

Home Up