Trip Home

The ride is over and it is now time to head home.  These are the tough days of a trip.....

This is one tunnel on the "Million Dollar Highway" near Silverton, Colorado.

The Saturn Vue, The R100GS BMW and Sandy!

This is the kind of view we saw for 100+ miles.

Once we got to New Mexico and Arizona, we attempted to get as far as possible, without getting on an interstate highway.

This meant 350 miles through Indian reservations on two lane roads!

This is the Hubbell trading Post.  It started back in the 1800's.  It has been in continuous operation ever since.

Mr. Hubbell and a few of his close relatives are the only white people buried on the Indian reservation, which is the size of Virginia!

Sandy and I were the only two people on the last tour of the day, through the Hubbell home.

Very Interesting...

Theodore Roosevelt slept here!

This was the guest home, which was built in traditional Indian style.

The Indian tour guide explained that the door of the home always faces east (toward the rising sun).

A Mexican built this home for Mr. Hubbell, and the door faces southeast!

We stopped in Seligman, and visited a "Route 66" gift store.
"Grapes of Wrath" setting.

Old Route 66, near Oatman, Arizona.  We LOVE these roads compared to the interstates!

You just plan on taking longer to get there!

Again, the journey is what we enjoy, not necessarily the destination!

In Oatman there were 12+ Burros walking the streets and sidewalks.

The Burros have the right-of-way.

This Burro definitely kept this biker pinned for a few extra minutes!

We would have taken him home, if we could have fit him in the Vue!


Oatman has a daily "Shoot Out", after which a collection is made to support various charities.

The trip must come to an end.  Luckily the bike and the two of us were still in one piece.

Again, Adios for now........

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