To Montana

Our trip Started on Wednesday night (the 26th of June, 2002).  We were hoping to knock some of the "boring" desert miles off, so that we could slow down on Thursday and see the sights.  We were foiled!

We got to the "El Cajon Pass" at 5:30 PM.  Much to our surprise, it was closed at 4:15 PM. 

We waited optimistically for 2 hours.  We finally gave up and went through Palm Springs and Landers to get to Los Vegas.

Good thing!  We found out later the road was closed all night!

On Thursday morning we visited "Cove Fort" in southern Utah.

I felt like we were visiting a "time share presentation" for the Mormon religion. 

Great people, but the pressure was excessive.

A little "Wild Life" in Utah!
A little "Stretch" and Snow Cone in Cedar City, Utah.

Is he cute or not!

This was our overly aggressive route for this 10 day trip!

(3,850 miles)

We visited the Kennecott mine near Salt Lake City.  This is the largest open pit mine in the world, at 2 1/2 miles across.  The Empire State building, if built in the bottom of the mine, would come up less then 50% of the depth of the mine!

Each mining truck has 6 each of these $25,000 tires. 

The tires are over 12 feet tall!

Yes, we visit the Mormon Church (and the Tabernacle), in Salt Lake City.
As we traveled north of Pocatello, Idaho, we tried to stay on 2 lane roads, versus the interstates.

This is an example of the treasures you find, when off the main highways.

Location: Blackfoot, Idaho.

Stretching our legs at Idaho Fall, Idaho.

What makes you think he is a "Ham"?

Many years ago, when flying our Cessna to Montana, we sighted a lake and ghost town approximately 60 miles south east of Salmon, Idaho. 

We visited this location again (it is about 8 miles up a dirt road, off a small 2 lane highway).

This is the old general store and post office in the ghost town of Gilmore.

It is sad to think that if this ghost town was anywhere near Los Angeles, it would have been totally destroyed by now. 

Isolation is good!

There were approximately 40 structures in Gilmore!

Well worth the stop.

Some "Ghost Town" pictures must be in "Black and White".

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