The Books

This is the partial list for the books used to get ready for the trip.

Book Title Author            (Last Name) Author                    (First Name) Copyright Date Edition Publisher Date of Travel Remarks
10 Years on 2 Wheels Pedersen Helge 1998 1st Elfin Cove Press 1984/     1996 The experiences of a world traveling motorcycle rider, which rode a BMW G/S type bike.  This book has the best photographs of any book in the collection.
20,000 Miles South, A Pan American Adventure Schreider Helen and Frank 1957 1st Doubleday & Company 1954/ 1955 Another enjoyable and easy reading book about a husband and wife who, in 1956,  drove a SEEP (a floating Jeep) from Alaska to Argentina.  The focus in not so much on the land, but on the difficulties of the trip.
21,500 Miles Alone In A Canoe Watson Don B. 1980 1st Don B. Watson 1970's Book is Signed by the Author.
30,000 Miles In Mexico, Adventures of Two Women and a Pickup-Camper in twenty-eight Mexican States Murbarger Nell 1961 1st Desert Magazine Press Late 1950's This book was the story of a lady and her 74 year old mother traveling Mexico in a Ford pickup and camper.  This book was not as good as anticipated.  It painted a picture of travel in Mexico during 1959, which was interesting.  
Across South America Bingham Hiram 1911 1st Houghton Mifflin Company 1908 to 1911 Book covers the discovery of ruins near Cuzco, Peru.
Adventure South, Three men and a Car Blaze the Pan American Highway Route Down Two Continents to Cape Horn Richardson Sullivan C. 1942 1st Arnold-Powers Inc. 1940 A great book about three guys who drive a 1941 Plymouth on a 9 month trip to the tip of Argentina.  Book has many good pictures of Mexico and South America during the 1940's.
Adventurist, The Pelton Robert Young 2000 1st Doubleday and Company 1990 About Pelton's travels.  "My Life in Dangerous Places".
Airstream, The History of the Land Yacht Burkhart Bryan 2000 1st Chronicle Book 1930's to 2000 The history of Airstream and the trip to Africa.
Alive in La La Land Smith  Jack 1989 1st Franklin Watts 1984 to 1989 Signed by Jack Smith, October 15th 1989.
Alive, The Story of the Andes Survivors Read Piers Paul 1974 7th J. B. Lippincott Company 1972 This book is the summary of what transpired after an airplane crash in the Andes.  The passengers were a soccer team traveling from Uruguay to Chile.
Almada of Alamos, The Diary of Don Bartolome Miles Carlota 1962   Arizona Silhouettes 1859 to 1863 This book gives a comprehensive background on the history of the city of Alamos, Mexico.
Amazon Beaming Popescu Petru 1991 1st Viking 1969 &  1971 1969, 1971 and later expeditions to the headwaters of the Amazon river (Amazonia).  Loren McIntyre's 40 years of exploring the Amazon Basin.
Amazon, Exploring Schreider Frank and Helen 1970 1st National Geographic 1960's Same author which wrote 20,000 Miles South
Amazon Headhunters Zikmund Miroslav 1963 1st Artia Early 1960's Many interesting pictures of S.A. and a very strange looking Tetra Car.  On page ten is a chart showing the rainy and dry months of the jungles discussed in the book. Difficult to read.  The goal was to film the Javaro Indians doing their cerimonal head shrenking.  Map in back of book.
Amazon Journey Cousteau Jacques 1984 1st Harry N. Abrams Inc. 1982  
And I Alone Survivied Elder Lauren 1978 1st E.P. Dutton 1976 The book written by the survivor of a airplane crash in the mountains above Independence.  I read the book while Sandy was in the hospital with her Heart Attack.  Book was very sobering.  It included the death of two other passengers, and her tough trek down the mountains to Independence.  The accident occurred in April of 1976.  (Research.. George Mehelic was a dispatcher at Northrop and her fathers name was Robert Elder)
Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver Dobie J. Frank 1928 (original)  1970's No Bramhall House 1927 Trips through the Sonora and Copper Canyon areas discussing gold and mining issues.  This book has been referenced in many books including Gardner books and Destination Topolabambo.
Argentina, La Country of Wonders Secretary of Tourism   1993 1st Manrique Zago Late
Nice coffee table book.
Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals Dale Wendy 2003 1st Three Rivers Press 1996 to 2002 Very good book with many interesting reflections on Central and South America, written by Wendy Dale.
Back of Beyond Noice Harold 1939 1st G.P. Putnam's and Son's 1930's About the Amazon Basin
Baja Adventures by Land, Air & Sea Patchen Marvin and Aletha 1981 1st Baja Trail Publications 1960's and '70's Go Carts, Jeeps, Dune Buggies, Boats,  Helicopters and Airplanes to Baja, Mexico.  Good, easy reading, about Baja.  Writer has similar feeling regarding Mexico.
Baja California Hancock Ralph 1953 1st Academy Publishers 1940's/ 1950's Another unread "Baja Feeling" type of book.  This looks very good.
Baja Feeling, The Hunter Ben 1978 1st Brasch and Brasch 1965 to  1970 KTTV television host.  This book started the "Baja Feeling" type of book.  Sandy and I did find the home, located south of Ensenada.  Took pictures from the identical angles as those in the book.  See
Beyond Lake Titicaca Caccia Angela 1969 1st Hodder and Stoughton 1960's Look like an interesting book about Bolivia and the Andes.
Big Orange, The Smith  Jack 1976 1st Ward Rirchie Press 1970's Another book by Jack Smith (God and Mr. Gomez), about Los Angeles, California.       2 Copies
Blood and Brothers, Life and War in Nicaragua Kinzer Stephen 1992 1st G.P. Putnam's and Son's 1937 to 1991 A New York Times correspondent's eyewitness summary of the politics and history of Nicaragua and the USA involvement.
BMW Gsing Around the World Frazier Dr. Gregory W. 2000 1st Arrowstar Publishing 1990's Things to know for traveling.
Brazilian Adventure Fleming Peter 1933/      1960   Charles Scribner's Son's 1932 An enjoyable book about a 24 year old English explorer which attempted to find the remains on Colonel Fawceet, who disappeared during his 8th expedition (1924/1925) to the Brazilian jungles
Brazilian Wilderness Roosevelt Theodore 1926 4th Charles's Scribner's Sons 1913 Great book.  Colonel Rondon, Kermit Roosevelt and George Cherrie all wrote books about this adventure, taken after Teddy was president.
Brazilians, The Page Joseph A. 1995 1st Addison Wesley Publishing Company Current Events A Real Time summary of the current status of things in Brazil.
Buenos Aires 400 Years Ross  Stanley R. 1982 1st University of Texas Press Historic Factual information - No pictures.
Burning Season, The Revkin Andrew 1990 1st Houhton Mifflin Company 1980's Reread.  Last book my Mother read.  Purchase new copy 01-12-2002
By Pan American Highway Through South America Lanks Herbert C. 1943 1st Appleton-Century Company 1940's Looks Great.  Many good picture (some with old automobiles).  This is part of a two part book series.  
California Editor Stoke Thomas More 1958 2nd Westernlore Press Early 1900's Signed Book.  Forward by Earl Warren and co-written by Walter Tompkins.  A very interesting book.  Tom took credit for many events in history, including FDR becoming President and the Santa Barbara Post Office.  Also discussed the St. Francis Dam disaster.  I should review book and enhance this summary!
Camp and Camino in Lower California North Arthur W. 1910 1st Baker and Taylor 1905 This is the oldest book which I own regarding Baja, Mexico.  Book has good pictures and an old map included.
Cape Town to Cairo Douglass Lillie B. 1964 1st Caxton Printers 1950's This was a GREAT book about a group of Airstream trailer owners traveling the length of Africa.  Wally Byam was the leader of the trip.
Carnauba Expedition Johnson Herbert F. Jr. 1936 423rd of 1,000 Private Printing 1935 1935 Expedition and Adventure by airplane to study the Carnauba Palm in the interior of Brazil.  Neat pictures of airplane owned by the Johnson and Johnson Wax Company.
Carpenter's World Travels, Familiar Talks About Countries and People Carpenter  Frank G. 1910's Thru 1920's 1st Doubleday, Page and Company 1910 Thru the 1920's 20 Volume Book series about Frank's travels around the world.
Case Against the General. The (Manuel Noriega and the Politics of American Justice) Albert Steve 1993 1st Charles Scribner's Sons (Macmillan) 1984 to 1993 The story on Manuel Noriega's capture and trial (1989 military involvement).
Central America, All The Best in Clark Sydney 1953 4th Dodd Mead and Company 1952/       1953 This is one of four books written by Sydney Clark, which is a writer with a very interesting 30's style which I enjoy.
Chagres (The), River of Westward Passage Minter John Easter 1948 1st Rinehart and Company 1941 to 1948 This book covers the River which was latter flooded to become the Panama Canal.  It has a great history of the Spanish, explorers and the pirates of this area.  Much discussion of the hardship and the root of the Conga line.  I highly recommend this book.  This is the book which was for sale at Randell's, in Santa Barbara, for $65.00. 
Choose Latin AmericaA Guide to Seasonal and Retirement Living Howells John 1986 1st Gateway Books Current 1986 1986 retirement guide book.  
Condor of the Jungle (The), Pioneer Pilot of the Andes Wagner C. Peter 1966 1st Fleming H. Revell Company 1940's and 50's Story of Walt Herron (died in 1964) who was a missionary pilot of Bolivia and the surround jungle areas.  I believe it took place in the 1940's and 50's. 
Conquest of Peru Prescott William H. 1848 1st Hooper, Clark and Company 1848 History The bible of the Inca Indian history (Two book set).  I also have a reading copy on the shelf.
Conquest of Peru and Mexico Prescott William H. 1848   Modern Library   This is the history of the Inca Indians by Prescott, who lived from 1796 to 1859.  This is the classic background of the Inca's.
Continent of Opportunity , The Clark Francis E. 1907 1st Fleming H. Revell Company 1906 This book was a big surprise, regarding how enjoyable it was.  Francis Clark crossed Panama before the canal was complete and shed his prospective on Panama and the canal.  He then traveled by steamer to many of the same places we have visited.  His travels of 1906 revealed the same things which we noticed 100 years later, with the exception of Chile, which he was not nearly as impressed with.  He crossed the Andes near Santiago (only 1 year after the statue was built at the top of the Andes), as we did and wrote of Mendoza and the grape harvest.  Clark was the founder, in 1881 of "Christian Endeavour", which is still around today.  This was an EXCELLENT book and the 1906 view was VERY interesting!  Rio had just torn down 700 homes to make it's new grand avenue.  Much discussion of the pacific war (1879 to 1884) when Bolivia went to the coast of the Pacific.  
Darien Disaster, The (A Scots Colony in the New World, 1698-1700) Prebble John 1968 1st Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1697 to 1700 Early history of the Darien Gap region with a focus on the 1698 to 1700 time period.
Dark Trails, Adventures of a Naturalist Cherrie George K. 1930 1st G.P. Putman's Sons Early 1900's Cherrie was a party to the Teddy and Kermit Roosevelt expedition into the Amazon jungles.  The book also covers other adventures of Cherrie.
Darkest  Jungle, The Balf Todd 2003 1st Crown 1854 About the Isaac Strain Expedition.
Dayuma Story (The), Life under Auca Spears Wallis Ethel Emily 1960 1st Harper and Brothers Mid 1950's Story about Rachel Saint (wife of Nate Saint, the pilot killed and discussed in the book "Through Gates of Splendor") who met Dayuma on the borders of the savage Jivaro area.
Desert Is Yours, The Gardner Erle Stanley 1963 1st William Morrow & Company 1950's and 60's Another book about the various transportation modes used by Erle in the Desert's of California and Mexico.  Includes pictures of the Prowler.
Destination Topolobampo Kerr John Leeds 1968 1st Golden West Books Historic History of the railroad from Kansas City, through Creel and Copper Canyon to Topolobampo, Mexico.  Discussed Ed Stilwell and Mr. Owens involvement/concept of reducing the distanse from Kansas to the Pacific by 400 miles.  The final chapters were the best.
Diary of a Sea Captain's Wife, (Tales of Santa Cruz Island) Eaton Margaret Holden 1947   McNally and Loftin 1876 to 1948 Santa Cruz Island and Santa Barbara.
Drifting Down the Delta Gardner Erle Stanley 1969 1st William Morrow & Company Mid 1960's The Delta
Dukedom Large Enough, Reminiscences of a Rare Book Dealer (1929-1956). Randall David A. 1969 1st Random House !900's Biography of a book collector.  His son now runs the Randall House in Santa Barbara.  An excellent book store.
Enchanted Vagabonds Lamb Dana 1938 1st Harper and Brothers 1933 This was the first book by Dana and Ginger Lamb, of a trip from California to Panama in a canoe.  The trip took three years (1933 to 1936).  A great discription of the coast of Mexico.  I have two copies.  The newly married Lambs, Ginger and Dana, left San Diego in 1933 and paddled and sailed their hybrid kayak/canoe/sailboat to the Panama Canal. The Vagabond was a 16-foot vessel they had built themselves. What followed is one of the greatest adventure travel tales ever to emerge from the action-packed 1930s. The Lambs shot through mountainous surf, landed on fabled islands, lived through violent storms and weathered nearly a dozen near-fatal wrecks. They were upset in a traffic jam of whales, caught in quicksand, trapped inside an extinct volcano and lost in a shark-infested lagoon.
Equator South, Equator North Walker Jacqueline 1939 1st   1930's This book is signed by the author.  Looks like a good book.
Erle Stanley Gardner, The Case of the Real Perry Mason Hughes Dorothy B. 1978 1st William Morrow and Company 1889 to 1970 Very enjoyable Biography of Erle Stanley Gardner.  
Ernesto Che Guevara, The Motorcycle Diaries Guevara Ernesto Che 1995   Verso 1951/ 1952 A journey around South America by Che and his friend.  Che was a doctor and the experiences in this book took place before Che became a hard core rebel.
Eva Peron Ortiz Alicia 1995 1st St. Martin's Press 1940's A biography of Eva Peron
Expedition Tumuc-Humac Maziere Francis 1955 1st Doubleday and Company 1946 to 1952 Book about an expedition into French Guiana in 1952.  The three travelers went to an area where French explorer "Raymond Maufrais" was lost, and never found.  His diary was located, but not his body.  The books focus is on the many Indian tribes which are located here, although the total headcount of Indians in this area was guessed to be less than 500.
Face of South America, The Rich  John Lyon 1942 1st American Geographical Society 1942 Over 300 pictures of South America from a Pan Am Clipper (Commercial).  Photo #194 is near Jose's home in Santiago.
Fatu-Hiva Heyerdahl Thor 1974 1st Doubleday and Company 1970 Another Thor adventure.
Fireside Travels in South America Fitzpatrick James A. 1948 1st Brown and Bigelow 1940's Another good summary of the different countries of South America.  Great pictures from each country.  Book is signed by the author.
Flying South, A Pilot's Inner Journey Rowell Barbara Cushman 2002 1sr Ten Speed Press 2001 Female which flew South America.  Killed in plane crash in Bishop (not the pilot) 2 months before the book was released.
Four Faces of peru Byford-Jones W 1967 1st Roy Publishers 1960's Peru and the Andes.
Frank Lloyd Wright Costantino Maria 1991 1st Crestcent Books n/a Many pictures of Wrights homes.
Ghost of the Glory Trail Murbarger Nell 1956 5th Westernlore Press 1950's Glimpse of 75 Western Ghost Towns.
Gipsy Moth Circles the World Chichester Sir Francis 1968 1st American Coward-McCann, Inc. 1967 226 day trip around Cape Horn, at age 65.
God and Mr. Gomez Smith  Jack 1974 1st Reader's Digest Press Late 1960's Jack Smith was a regular writer for the Los Angeles Times.  This was a great book about Jack building a home just south of Ensenada, Mexico.  Sandy and I have located the house, and taken many pictures of its condition and of Gomez's son.  See
Golden Isthmus (The) Howarth David 1967   Readers Union   Collins History from 1502 Thru 1967 Very good and easy reading history of the Panama Canal and the Darien Gap.
Grandmother Drive South Henley Constance Jordan 1943 5th G.P. Putman's Sons   Signed by Author.  The 57 year old author from Glendale, California drove the two continents (South to North) starting in 1940.
Grapes of Wrath, The Steinbeck John 1939 ? Viking Press 1930's? Route 66.  (Purchased 01-12-2002)
Guadalaja, The Majestic Capital of Jalisco Howe  Alice 1955 1st American Touristic  1950's Great "Then and Nows " of Guadalajara, Mexico.
Guevara, Also Known as CHE Taibo Paco Ignacio 1997 1st St. Martin's Press 1930's / 1960 Title states topic.  Purchase 01-12-2002.
Gypsy Days on the Delta Gardner Erle Stanley 1967 1st William Morrow & Company Mid 1960's The Delta
Half-Safe, Across the Atlantic by Jeep Carlin Ben 1955 1st MUST CORRECT 1948 A MUST READ.  This book is signed and includes a letter written and sign by the author.  Trip by jeep from Halifax to Africa.  Do the Summary!
Head Hunters of the Amazon, Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure Up De Graff F.W. 1923 1st Garden City Publishing Company 1900/ 1920 Old book about the jungles of eastern Ecuador and the Jivaro Indians.  Book includes a Foreword by Kermit Roosevelt.
Heart of The Forest, The Cowell Adrian 1961 1957/         1958 Alfred A. Knopf   The exciting story of an expedition into one of the world's last remaining unexplored regions, the fantastic Xingu jungle of Amazonia.  This was the expedition to locate the center of the Brazil, which established the location of Brasilia, the new capitol.  The author has continued for 40 years, his interest in the jungles of Brazil.  Book also had many references to Colonel Fawcett and other explorers.  Research...  Txukahamae (city near Brasilia), President Kubitschek, Rondonopolis, Orlando Villas Boas, Xingu Park, Diauarum and the Suya Indians.
Heart of the Sky, The (Travels Among the Maya Canby Peter 1992 1st Harper, Collins Publishers Historic History of each major Maya ruin site.
Henry Meiggs, Yankee Pizarro Stewart Watt 1946 1st Duke University Publication 1840 to 1880 Great book about Henry Meiggs, from San Francisco.  Built many of the railroads in Peru and Chili.  This is a must read book about a very interesting person in an interesting time and place.
Hidden Heart of Baja Gardner Erle Stanley 1962 1st William Morrow & Company 1960's Book covers Bahia de Los Angeles and the Caves near San Ignacio.  Must Read.
History of Latin America (A) Sweet William Warren 1919/ 1928   Abingdon Press   History book of Latin America.  Book has a great removable map of South America (could be framed).
Host with the Big Hat Gardner Erle Stanley 1969 1st William Morrow & Company 1960's Train travel in Mexico, including Copper Canyon and Creel.  Has many pictures of the canyon.  Detail of the Julsrud figurine collection and Acambaro (near Morelia).  Page 119 has BEST toilet run.  This was Gardner last nonfiction book.
Hovering Over Baja Gardner Erle Stanley 1961 1st William Morrow & Company Late 1950's Another good Gardner book with a focus on Helicopter and Pak-Jak travel in Baja, Mexico.
Hunting Lost Mines by Helicopter Gardner Erle Stanley 1965 1st William Morrow & Company 1960's Purchased book in Santa Barbara during one week vacation (5-31-00)
Hunting the Desert Whale Gardner Erle Stanley 1963 1st Jarrold's 1959/ 1960 Another good Gardner book with a focus on Scammon's Lagoon (where the whales breed).
I Married Adventure Johnson Osa 1940 2nd J.B. Lippincott Early 1900's Book written by a lady, about her and her husband/pilot travel through Africa during the early 1900's.
In and Out, The Andes Marie del Rey Sister 1955 1st Scribners 1950's This book was written by a Sister of Maryknoll into the Altiplano and the jungles of Bolivia during the arly 1950's.  Life was tough.  A lot of insight on how tough the driving can be.  Book has many inyteresting pictures.  Also covers Galvarino, Chili, which is intersting (then and now possibilities).  Also a possibile then and Now of Cuzco and an Inca wall.  Book also discusses Lima and Puno, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua and Merida and Chichen Itza, Mexico. 
In the Forests of the Night Simpson John 1993 1st Random House 1992   This was the story of a reporter for the BBC, into the Huallaga river valley, to report on the actions of the Shinning Path, the army, the police and the DEA.  This event was just prior to the head of the Shinning Path being caught.  This book held my interest so well, I completed the book in 2 weeks.
In Trouble Again, A Journey Between the Orinoco and the Amazon O'Hanlon Redmond 1988 2nd First Vintage Departures 1980's A Journey Between the Orinoco and the Amazon
Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, & Yucatan Stephens John L. Esq. 1949 Original was 1859 Rutgers University Press 1949 Bible on the Maya ruins area in Central America and Mexico.
Incredible Voyage, The Jones Tristan 1977 1st Sheed Andrews and McMell 1969 to 1972 Gift from Ron Williams.  Went into the Darien.  A should read
Inside Africa Gunther John 1954/  1956   Harper and Brothers History Thru 1956 Looks like a good book on the history of Africa by a prolific travel writer. 
Inside Latin America Gunther John 1941 1st Harper and Brothers History Thru 1941 Looks like a good book on the history of South America by a prolific travel writer. 
Inside South America Gunther John 1967 1st Harper and Row History Thru 1967 Looks like a good book on the history of South America by a prolific travel writer.  I will try and read this book soon.
Into a Desert Place Mackintosh Graham 1990 1st Graham Mackintosh Early 1980's A 3000 mile walk around Baja.  Signed by the author.
Into the Amazon, Chico Mendes and the struggle for the Rain Forest Dwyer Augusta 12990 1st Key Porter Books 1980's About Chico Mendes and the struggle for the Rain Forest.
Investment Biker Rodgers Jim 1994 1st Random House 1990 Shoud read…….
Ivan Sanderson's Book of Great Jungles Sanderson Ivan T. 1965 1st Julian Messner 1950's and 60's Good book by Modern day Adventurer.
Journey to the Far Amazon Gheerbrant Alain 1954 2nd Simon and Schuster 1949 to 1960 Looks Good.
Journeys in Time Niles Blair 1946 1st Coward McCann, Inc. 1519 to 1942 Summary of many explorers.
Jungle and the Damned (The) Davis Ruth and Hassoldt 1952   Little Brown and Company 1950 History about Devil's Island.
Jupiter's Travels Simon Ted 1980 1st Doubleday and Company 1973/    1977 Four year trip around the world on a motorcycle.  Complete the Summary!
Keeping it Moving, Baja by Canoe Fons Valerie 1986 1st The Mountain-eers 1982/3 Baja, by 17 foot canoe.  (Purchased book in 12/01)
Kon Tiki Heyerdahl Thor 1950   Rand McNally and Company Late 1940's This is the book my grandfather had around the house.  It covers the search for wood in the jungles of Ecuador and the travel of the raft from Lima, Peru towards the Cook islands in the South Pacific.
L.A. Smith  Jack 1980 1st McGraw Hill Book Company 1980 About Los Angeles and it's 200 year anniversary.
La Plata, Argentina       1st Municipalidad de La Plata    
Land of Romance, A Trip to Sayle W. D.  1921 1st Sayle Early 1900's Book is Signed by the Author.  Many great "Then and Nows" of Rio and other locations in Brazil.  Also pictures of Chile, Peru and Panama.
Land of Shorter Shadows, The Gardner Erle Stanley 1948 1st William Morrow & Company 1948 Erle's first trip on Baja, Mexico.  This was a great book.  Many good picture.
Last New World (the), The Conquest of the Amazon Frontier Margolis Mac 1992 1st W.W. Norton and Company To the 1990's History and Current events of the Amazon region.
Life Above the Jungle Floor, Costa Rica Perry Donald 1986   Don Perro Press Current Events Story of the man and the country which started Eco Tourism in Costa Rica.
Life and Letters of Vasco Nunez de Balboa Anderson Charles L. G. M.D. 1941 1st Fleming H. Revell Company   The conquest and settlement of the Darien and Panama.  Also, the history of Balboa.
Long Trail, The Roosevelt Kermit 1921 1st Metropolitan Publications 1913 The book about Kermits trip to the Amazon with his father, Theodore Roosevelt during 1913.  This book is signed by Kermit.
Looking South,                   N.A. 1 Stewart George R. 1957 1st Riverside Press 1955/   1956 Rio Grande to Panama travel adventure.
Lost Trails, Lost Cities Fawcett Colonel Percy Harrison 1953   Funk and Wagnalls Company 1906 to 1925 This book was written by the Colonel Fawcett which Peter Fleming attempted to locate during the early 30's.  Fawcett has never been found.
Man Hunting In The Jungle, Being the Story of a Search for Three Explorers Lost in the Brazilian Wilds Dyott D.M. 1929 1st Blue Ribbon Books Early 1900's A search for Fawcett.   Bought from Pennsylvania using the Internet.  Old style writing.  Enjoyed the book.
Man Who Walked Around The World, The Kunst David 1979 1st William Morrow and Company 1970 to     1975 This is a book signed by David Kuntz, the first man to walk around the world.  He departed Waseca, Minnesota on June 20, 1970 (wedding day).  His brother was shot and killed on the trip.  The books prospective is one of the hardships and criminal and not so much the landscape.  May live in Orange County.
Map 1808 Neele John Samuel January 1808 1st Longman & Company 1808 Map of South America in 1808, located in entry way.
This beautiful map is engraved by Samuel John Neele (1758-1824), published by Longman & Co., London, 1808.
Size: The map measures approx 20" x 16", (51 cm x 41 cm).
Description: This is an original handcoloured antique map which is printed on one side only. The map is printed on good quality thick paper. 
This map is a genuine antique, 198 years old. The year of publication, 1808 is printed at the bottom.
Condition: The map is in good condition except for some wrinkling.
Purchased November 2006
Map 1890 Mackenzie Willian 1890 1st   1890 Map of Panama in 1890 (pre canal)
Mexico Michener James A. 1992 1st Random House Novel Fiction
Mexico Tarallo Pietro 1997 1st Tien Wah Press Current Coffee table picture book.
Mexico, All The Best In Clark Sydney 1950 2nd Dodd Mead and Company 1940's This is one of four books written by Sydney Clark, which is a writer with a very interesting 30's style which I enjoy.
Mexico's Magic Square Gardner Erle Stanley 1968 1st William Morrow & Company Mid 1960's Blimp Adventure
Mi Mnoto Fidel Baker Chistopher P.  2000 1st Adventure Press 1990's  
Millions Want To Young David L. 1963 2nd     1st? Three Flags Publishing Company 1949 This is book number 837 of only 1,500 books published.  In addition, it is signed by the author, David L. Young.  The book includes details of their travels to Alaska, Florida and Baja during 1948 and 1949.  The book frequently mentions the changes which have occured between 1948 and 1963 (when the book was published).  This book contains possible pictures which would be interesting to duplicate.  The book states that the beaches south of Mulege will have 2 resorts built within 20 years (did not happen).
Miracle in the Andes Parrado Nando 2006 1st Crown 1972 Follow on book to Alive, about the rugby team that crashed in the Andes near Curico, Chile.
Motorcycle lourneys Through Baja Salvadori Clement 1997 1st Whirlaway Book 1990's Gift from Jun and Wendy
Motorcycle Sex Frazier Dr. Gregory W. 1994 1st Arrowstar Publishing 1990's No sure what it is.
My Last Chance to be a Boy Ornig Joseph R. 1994 1st Stackpole Books 1910'a Theodore Roosevelt's South American Expedition of 1913-1914.  (Purchased 12/01).  This book was an excellent recap of the exploration which Teddy Roosevelt took down the River of Doubt during 1914.  The insight into George Cherrie, Mr. Dyott, Kermit, Father Zahm, Colonel Rondon, Anthony Fiala and others.  Has excellent map of trip and many pictures.  Tells the story of the man that drown and the Julio, who mudered another explorer, and then left to die in the jungle.  The data at the back of the book is also a good source of information.  
National Geographic Magazine     Apr-26       Exploring the Valley of the Amazon in a Hydroplane and The Amazon, father of Waters.
Exploring the Valley of the Amazon in a Hydroplane:  This is an a story of a aircraft exploration in the Amazon basin Northwest of Manaus and up near Boa Vista.  This is the first aerial exploration of this area.  Many excellent photos of the jungle and the Opera House in Manaus.  Also many pictures of the Curtis Seagull (which is now on display in Canada (Ottawa).
The Amazon, Father of Waters:  This is the story of a 20,000 mile exploration on the rivers of the Amazon basin, including travel into .  Many sad pictures of murdered Turtles and Manatees.  Also discussing the tough time to build the railroad near Madeira-Mamore (400 of 600 people died during one building attempt).  Most expensive railroad built!
National Geographic Magazine     Feb-29       Buenos Aires to Washington by Horse:  Many pictures for Great "Then and Now's" in Cuzco, Peru.  Same 2 horse completed the 2 1/2 year trip. 
Twin Stars of Chile:  More "than and Now's", including another picture of "Christ of the Andes", and the "Lake District" and Valparaiso, Vina del Mar and Santiago.
National Geographic Magazine     Nov-31       In Humboldt's Wake:  The story about s trip up thr orinoco River and through the Casiquiare Canal to the Amazon River.
Washington Through the Years:
Neighborhood Frontiers Gardner Erle Stanley 1954 1st William Morrow & Company Early 1950's This book was great.  It is the book that made us aware of the Johnson rocks in Joshua Tree Park.  It also briefly covers the Yucatan Peninsula.  There is also extensive coverage of Creel and the Copper Canyon.  Also included is  info. about Puget Sound. 
New Worlds To Conquer Halliburton Richard 1929 1st Garden City Publishing Company 1920's Mexico and South American Adventure and Travel book, by a very famous Travel writer.
Now in Mexico Strode Hudson 1947 1st Harcourt, Brace and Company 1943 Strode also wrote a book call Timeless Mexico, which is the history of Mexico.  This book is about Mexico currently (1940's).
Obsessions Die Hard, Motorcycling the Pan American Highway's Jungle Gap Culberson Ed 1991 1st Teakwood Press 1981 Trip Three copies of my FAVORITE book, which introduced me to the Darien Gap of Panama.  This is a must read for any motorcycle rider.
Off The Beaten Track Gardner Erle Stanley 1967 1st William Morrow & Company 1960's I read a copy from the library.  This is another book about the Pak-Jak and other Erle adventures.  (Bought book in Mesa, Arizona (9-98)).
Old Patagonian Express, The (By Train Through the America's) Theroux Paul 1979 1st Houhton Mifflin Company 1970's Great writer writes a book about his train trip from Boston to the tip of South America.
Other America's (The), Our Neighbors to the South Tomlinson Edward 1943 1st Charles Scribner's Sons 1930's and 40's Another good book with good pictures of South America during the first half of the century.
Other America's, (The) Ruhl Arthur 1908 1st Charles Scribner's Sons 1800's Many good historic pictures of South America.  References to T.R. Ybarra (wrote Young Man of Caracas).
Other Half of Half Safe, (The) Carlin Ben 1989 1st Guildford Grammer School Foundation 1950's Followup book for the book "Half Safe".
Our Man in Panama Dinges John 1990 1st Random House   Some discussion of the  Darien and a lot of detail of the Canal Zone and Noriega's drug running history.
Our South American Cousins Taylor  William 1881 1st Phillips and Hunt 1800's  
Paddle to the Amazon Starkell  Don 1989 1st Prima Publishing 1981 Canoe trip from Canada to the Amazon.  I really enjoyed this adventure book.
Palenque: The Walker-Caddy Expedition to the Ancient Maya City, 1839-1840 Pendergast David M. 1967 1st University of Oklahoma Press 1839 This is the story of an adventure, by the British, which was set up at the last minute, to beat out another trip by John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood (both of the U.S.).  This trip followed the travels of Jean de Waldeck's of 1832/33.  The trip started in Belize, went to Flores (the island city).  Interesting pictorials of Palenque in this time period.  The book is written in two parts by each of the authors.
Pan American Highway, From the Rio Grande to the Canal Zone Through South America Lanks and Franck Herbert C. and Harry A. 1940 1st Appleton-Century Company 1940's This book was a difficult read.  Many great pictures (some with old automobiles).  Bought in Mesa, Arizona in 9-98.  This is part of a two part book series.  
Panama Canal, The Haskin Frederic J. 1913 1st Doubleday, Page and Company Late 1800's and Early 1900's Best history of the actual building of the canal and the people which built it.  Many great pictures.  The book focus is on the construction and not so much the Indians or the jungle.  Book was gift from Sandy
Panama Hat Trail (The), A Journey from South America Miller Tom 1986 1st William Morrow & Company 1980's Interesting book about Ecuador and the roots of the Panama hat.  The author now lives in Tucson.  The hat seller in Bisbee knows him personally (see business card located in book).
Panama, 400 Years of Dreams and Cruelty Howarth David 1966 1st McGraw Hill Book Company History from 1502 Thru 1967 Must read…..
Passage Through El Dorado, Traveling the world's Last Great Wilderness Kandell Jonathan 1984 1st William Morrow & Company 1970's or 1980's Travel book of exploration through Peru's rain forest, the Brazilian jungles and Paraguay.
Phantom Gringo Boat, The Kane Stephanie C. 1994 1st Smithsonian Institution Press 1960/       1990 A through current investigation of the Indians and the Darien Gap.  Must Read Soon.
Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railway, the Ellis Hamilton 1973 4th Hamlyn 1968 Picture book of the history of trains.
Press On, Further Adventures in the Good Life Yeager Chuck 1988 1st Bantum Books ? A book about his life before and after the book "Yeager".
Quest for the Lost City Lamb Dana and Ginger 1951 1st Harper and Brothers   Couple born in Santa Ana search the Peten Jungle near Tikal  for the Lost City.  This is the second book of the Lamb's.  See Enchanted Vagabonds (1938).  This book was great.  They walked from Mazatlan to the Laconda Jungle.
RA Expedition, The Heyerdahl Thor 1971 1st Doubleday and Company 1050's and 1960's Another Thor adventure.
Railroading, the Modern Way Farrington S. Kip 1951 1st Coward-McCann, Inc. 1951 Train History…  Many pictures
Railways of the Andes Fawcett Brian 1963 1st George Allen & Unwin LTD Historic Great book and much about henry Mieggs.
Rails Across Panama, The Story of the Building of the Panama Railroad 1849-1855 Schott Joseph L. 1967 1st Bobbs-Merrill Company 1849- 1855 The title says it all.
Rancho San Julian, the Story of a California Ranch and its People Poett A. Dibblee 1991 1st Daniel and Daniel 1875 to 1990 History of the area between Lompoc and Santa Barbara.
Riding South Frazier Dr. Gregory W. 1999 1st Arrowstar Publishing 1998/ 1999 Bought from Greg at the 1999 Big Dog ride in Frisco, Colorado.  Book is signed by author, referring to the Big Dog ride.  Not the best writer, but interesting.  Many good points regarding border crossings, insurance and documentation.  It was a 30,000 mile ride over 4 months, but he stated that it was no where enough time.  Did it on a R80GS with 200,000+ miles.  Slightly negative regarding some sights (cities) and auto accidents.  Must reveiw and add more notes here.
Rio Grande to Cape Horn Beals Carleton 1943 1st Houghton Mifflin Company 1930's and 40's Another Travel Adventure book of travel throughout Latin America.  Bought book at Acres of Books(9-98).
Rivers Ran East (The) Clark Leonard 1953 1st Funk and Wagnalls Company 1946 Interesting book but difficult to read.  Book was suppose to be true, but was questionable.  It discusses the search for El Dorado, but explored Ecuador and the eastern Amazon under the pretense that he was looking for medical cures from plants.
Road Fever, a High Speed Travelogue Cahill Tim 1991   Random House 1987 Road Trip Very easy reading book about a fast drive from one tip of America to the other.
Road to Extrema, The Reiss Bob 1992 1st Summit Books 1992 About the development of BR-264 through the jungles of Brazil.  Book has a printed copy of said review.
Road to Panama, The Rodman Seldon 1966 1st Hawthorn Books 1930's, 1950's and 60's Another Rio Grande to Panama travel adventure.  This book covers many different trips south of the border.
Roving South, Rio Grande to patagonia Price Willard 1948 1st John Day 1940's Good pictures of Brazil.
Running the Amazon Kane Joe 1989 1st Alfred A.Knopf 1985 A 4,200 mile trip down the Amazon by raft and kayak  The trip started in Peru.
Santa Barbara History Makers Tompkins Walker A. 1983 1st McNally and Loftin Historic Info. Great writer and interesting topic.  The story of 100 Santa Barbara history makers.
Santa Barbara Neighborhoods Tompkins Walker A. 1989 1st Santa Barbara Board of Realtors Historic Good definition of Historic Santa Barbara Neighborhoods.
Santa Barbara's Royal Rancho Tompkins Walker A. 1987 (original was 1960) 1st Dos Pueblos Publications 1800's through the 1900's Signed by one of the people referenced in the book.  This is the book that got me interested in reading history books.  It is a summary of the Dos Pueblos Ranch in Santa Barbara.  Great writer.
Sea and the Jungle (The) Tomlinson H.M. 1912/ 1964   Time Magazine 1909 and 1910 Tramp Steamer trip up the Amazon river during 1909/10.  This book was referenced in Brazilian Adventures by Peter Fleming (about naval battles on the river).  (read during 12/1996).
Senor Bum in the Jungle Sand   Algo 1932 1st Robert M. McBride and Company 1920/ 1930's? Up the Orinoco, Down the Rio Negro and Out the Mighty Amazon.  See The Title (book was $39.95, on sale for 50% off).
Seven Grass Huts, an Engineer's Wife in Central & South America Matschat Cecile Hulse 1939 1st Literary Guild of America 1920/ 30's The wife's writing of her experiences in Central and South America.  Could be good insight into Latin America during the thirties.   Includes recipes including FLAN.  Also includes an index of many Latin America authors.  Write Complete Report.
Seven Keys to Brazil Kelsey Vera 1941 1st Funk and Wagnalls Company Not Known I enjoyed this book.  Again, I love the writing style of the 30's and 40's!
Sex in History Taylor  G. Rattray 1954 1st Vanguard Press   Did not teach me a thing!
Sex Life of Salvador Dali, The Thurlow Clifford 2004 1st Tethered Camel Publishing 1900's About Salvadore Dali
Sky Roaming Above Two Continents Franck Harry A. 1938 1st Grosset & Dunlap 1930's Same author which wrote Working North From Patagonia, Vagabonding Down the Andes and Trailing Cortez Through Mexico.  Should be good.  I believe the flights were in a Douglas DC-3.
Sons of the Moon, A Journey in the Andes Shukman Henry 1989 1st Charles Scribner's Sons 1980's Book about the Bolivia.
South Amerian Journey Frank Waldo 1943 1st Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1940's Argentina Focus?
South America Lights and Shadows Edschmid Kasimer 1932 1st Viking Press Late 1931/ 32? Looks like it could be an interesting insight on South America during the 1930's.  Printed in England and Translated from German.
South America West Coast, All The Best in Clark Sydney 1954   Dodd Mead and Company 1940's This is one of four books written by Sydney Clark, which is a writer with a very interesting 30's style which I enjoy.
South America East Coast, All The Best in Clark Sydney 1940 2nd Prentice Hall Inc. 1930's Loved this book. 
We are going to try and stay in many of the hotels in which Sydney Clark stayed while preparing for to write this book during the late 1930's. 
Many "Then and Nows" are also from this book.
This is one of four books written by Sydney Clark, which is a writer with a very interesting 30's style which I enjoy.  In stayed in Rio for 10 months so he was able to paint excellent pictures of Rio during the 30's.
South American Excursion Young Ernst 1940 1st Longmans, Green & Company 1930's Many great pictures of South America in the 30's.  Look like a good book.
South by Thunderbird Strode Hudson 1941 (original was 1937)   Random House 1930's I liked the book. Sandy did not.  This is a book about a man which flew around South America on commercial airlines during the 30's.  Some great aerial views of Rio.
Survival of Jan Little, the Man John 1987 1st Viking Press 1959/ 1980 Jan Little met her husband in the San Cristobal de Las Casas, in Chaipas, Mexico.  She and her daughter. Rebecca,  initially lived in a remote part of the Laconda Jungle, after marrying abusive Harry Little on September 29, 1959.  They left Mexico, due to development in 1972 for a few months in San Francisco, with Jan's parents.  After a fallout, they head to the jungles of Brazil.  Jan was now Blind and Deaf.  Rebecca died in January of 1980 (Jan stepped on her scalp).  Harry died on February 28, 1980.  She survived for months, with her handicaps, in the jungle.
This is it: Baja Mcmahan Mike 1973 1st Brooke House 1960's/ 1970's Another unread "Baja Feeling" type of book.  This book also looks very good.  This book is by the same person which drew the map which we have in the hall way. 
Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America Davis Richard Harding 1896 1st Harper and Brothers 1890's This book has NEVER been read, as it had many uncut pages when purchased.  Book has map which shows what the canal in Nicaragua will do to business trade.
Through Gates of Splendor Elliot Elisabeth 1956/ 1957 1st (?) Harper and Brothers Early 1950's A book, written by the wife of five Missionary/Pilots which were killed in the jungles of Ecuador.  The wife's later went in and finished the missionary work.
Through South America's Southland Zahm J.A. 1916 1st D. Appleton and Company Early 1900's Another book about Theodore Roosevelt adventure into the jungles of the Amazon.
Thy Will be Done, The Conquest of the Amazon Colby Gerard 1995 1st Harper Collins Publisher History The governmental impacts with the Amazon basin.
Tierra del Fuego, A Journey to the End of the earth Lourie Peter 2002 1st Boyds Mills Press History Good Pictures book on Tierra del Fuego.
Trailing Cortez Through Mexico Franck Harry A. 1935 1st Frederick A Stokes Company Early 1930's Harry originally visited Mexico during his walk south in 1911.  This book is about his return in the early 1930's.
Travel in Brazil (1939) Official
  1939 1st   1938 Picture book published by Brazil to show the travel opprotunities  of Brazil, to the World's Fair in New York, New York.
Travels with Charley, In Search of America Steinbeck John 1962   Curtis Publishing 1960 GREAT BOOK.  The story of John Steinbeck's traveling around the United States during 1960.  A very insightful book.  Bought Hard Copy in Santa Barbara (5-31-2000)
Trespassers on the Amazon Ure John 1986 1st Constable and Company Historic Story of Roosevelt, Fawcett and other explorers in the Amazon area.
Tschiffely's Ride Tschiffely A. F. 2001 (?) Reprint Pallas Athene 1926 This is the complete story of Tschiffely's horse trip from Buenos Aires to Washington, which was described in the National Geographics Magazine of February, 1929.  Should be an excellent read.
Two Wheel to Panama (Brian has the book). Carrol William 1995 1st Auto Book Press Early 1950's Should re read/scan.
Two Wheels & A Taxi, A Slightly Daft Adventure ,In The Andes Urrutia Virginia 1987 1st The Mountaineers 1982 Grandmother bicycles through the Andes of South America.
Two Wheels Through Terror Heggstad Glen 2004 1st Whitehorse Press 2001 & 2002 Glen spent 5 weeks as a hostage with the ELN in Columbia and it appears that it caused major fear of getting mugged during the balance of the journey.  
Book is signed by the author.
Two Wheels to Adventure, Alaska to Argentina by Motorcycle Liska Danny 1989 1st Bigfoot Publishing Late 1950" Early 60's Book is Signed by Liska.  This book got me starting on reading about the Darien Gap in Panama .  It was one of my favorite books.
Two Years Before the Mast Dana Richard Henry Jr. 1869/ 1963   New American Library 1869? Classic book that involved sailing, including coverage of the area around Santa Barbara.
Vagabonding Down the Andes Franck Harry A. 1917 1st Garden City Publishing Company 1915 This book is about a multi year walk through South America.  This book covers half the trip.
Valley of the Amazon, Exploration of the Herndon Willaim Lewis 1853 1st Robert Armstong, Public Printer Mid 1800's Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon, Made Under the Direction of the Navy Department.
Book contains 16 full-page engravings, which were lithographed by Wagner & Mc. Guigans Lithographers of Philadelphia.  6 plates are from drawings by Lieut. Gibbon and the remaining ten are by others and include a frontispiece of the Cathedral of Lima, Peru.
The idea for this expedition was, as so many were during the mid-19th Century, based on the potential for commercial exploitation of the Amazon basin.
Lieutenant Herndon arrived in Valparaiso, Chile in August 1850 on board the U.S. Navy frigate "Vandalia." His first task was to search out the ex-President of Bolivia, General Jose Ballivian, living then in that Chilean city, and to consult with him regarding a Naval exploration mission to the rivers of the Amazon basin. The Bolivian ex-president was extremely cooperative, and encouraged him to go ahead with the exploration of the rivers of the Amazon basin.
The result was an excellent and thorough survey of the inhabitants and geography of the Amazon, its tributaries, and the Andes. 
Village in the Sun Chandos Dane 1945 6th? G.P. Putman's Sons 1940's About Lake Chapala, Mexico
White Indians of Darien Marsh Richard Oglesby 1934 1st G.P. Putman's Sons 1923 One of the first books I read about the Darien Gap.  Expedition was financed by Firestone and Ford to verify if this area was correct for the development of rubber production.  Excellent Darien Gap information.
Wings of Blue Bird Palmer Bernard 1977 1st R.L. Bryan Company 1927 to 1977 Interesting history of the Blue Bird Company and the Cardinal Company (the original Wanderlodge Company).  Also discusses Albert Luce, the founder of Blue Bird.
Working North From Patagonia Franck Harry A. 1921 1st Garden City Publishing Company 1916 This book is about a multi year walk through South America.  This book covers half the trip.
World is Burning, The Shoumatoff Alex 1990 1st Little Brown and Company 1980's About the life of Chico Mendes
World of Water, The Gardner Erle Stanley 1965 1st William Morrow & Company Mid 1960's The Delta
World's Most Dangerous Places, The Pelton Robert Young 1997 2nd Fielding Worldwide Current Status Title states it all.
Young Man of Caracas Ybarra T.R. 1941 1st Ives Washburn Early 1900's The upbringing of a young gentleman of Caracas.  This was apparently a very popular book of the 40's based on it's availability.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (an Inquiry into Values) Pirsig Robert M. 1974   William Morrow & Company 1960's? Motorcycle trip with his son (who was latter killed in San Francisco) and Another Couple).  Must finish.

Many of the books were written when adventures were true ADVENTURES!

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