Thanksgiving 2001

Another family reunion for Thanksgiving 2001, in San Felipe, Mexico.  We used to do this regularly in the 70's and 80's.  The last San Felipe family Thanksgiving was in 1998.  This year we missed Dad, Wendy, Jacob, Jun, Jennie, Tom, Cory, Ryan and Jean.  

Hopefully it will be a complete family get together next year!


Biker Linda

Biker Mel


"I have a few miles under my belt"


Biker Mike

   and Bike Phil

This was our view on the first morning of the trip.

(Location: Parking lot of the "Wal-Mart" in Calexico)

In San Felipe.


We couldn't have been any closer to the water, or downtown.

Prior to the family arriving, Sandy and I had a few days to ourselves.


We took advantage of the time and did a little exploring with our trusty stead.


The Ocotillo were plentiful.

This picture does not do justice to these ocotillo!

Rode on the sandy beach, and almost got stuck.

This beach, south of Puertecitos, had at least three whale skeletons.


We were wishing that Jacob was with us!

Linda, leading the pack.  


We had a great time renting ATV's.

Mel, Phil and Sandy.


Sandy was resistant to riding her own ATV, but ended up loving it!

Alcohol and Tattoo's!

Luckily, it was a Henna (temporary).

I hate to guess what they said at the fire department!

Harley wings were her adornment!

Linda went with a Gecko on her back side.


Sandy will not allow me to state what her tattoo was.

Another GREAT sunset in San Felipe!

We had a traditional "Thanksgiving" meal in San Felipe.

Yes, it was an excellent turkey dinner.

Mike, getting friendly with the local musicians.

This was the sunrise we witnessed, on the day we had to leave for home!

The only thing which could have improved the entire weekend is if

the rest of the family members could have been there!

Home Up