Solvang MC Museum

These pictures were taken in a Motorcycle Museum located in Solvang.  The museum is only a few years old.  The collection is extremely impressive.

This is number 100 of only 100 Norton Rotary motorcycles built. 

It was manufactured in 1988 and is the very last Norton motorcycle ever built!

This is also a Rotary engine motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki, in 1977.
V-Twin Moto Guzzi
Notice the Spark Plug wrench located just above the exhaust pipe.
A fuel tank of an unusual shape.
A "Square Four" two stroke engine!
A Neander.
Easy to change the spark plugs!
Exposed valve springs.
Shifts like a truck.
A 1904 NSU.
A Jawa, with a huge head.
A DOT motorcycle with a JAP engine.
A large engine for only 250cc's.

My favorite.
Jacob's favorite.
Another "Square Four" two stroke engine.
Another easy spark plug removal engine.
Another "Square Four".
Not the colors I would pick.
A true "Speedway" bike.
This is one of only 10 Britten's made, before the designer past away.
A 1948 Douglas.
Huge Head!
Classic BMW.
A Two cylinder, two stroke Maico!
A great museum where you can get right up to the motorcycles.
AJS also made dirt bikes when I first started riding.
A beautiful Thor.
A Rudge.
A straight 4 cylinder "Douglas".
Check out the rear suspension and the large flywheel!
The largest shifter I have ever seen.

This museum is worth the trip, if you visit Solvang and have any interest in motorcycles.  The museum displays about 80 motorcycles out of his collection of about 175 motorcycles, therefore the displayed bikes are rotated on a regular basis.  For more information regarding the "Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum", please click this link Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum

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