Sedona 2004

Traveled to Sedona for a "Dual Sport" motorcycle ride over the 23rd and 24th of October, 2004.  Along for the weekend was Sandy, Tom, Adam and John.  I have been riding with Tom for a long time.  I met Adam in April, on a Malcolm Smith BMW ride in Death Valley.  Met John at a dual sport ride this summer in Bass Lake.  Couldn't ask for better riding buddies.  Hopefully we will have many riding trips in the future!

As the title says, this ride was in Sedona, Arizona.  It is awesome.......

Saturday morning and the bikes are still clean....
The mud slinging begins as we cross under Highway 17.

It was about 18" deep!

The is, from left to right, John, Tom, my bike and Adam.
What is really neat about this picture and John, is that he is 42 years old, AND been riding for only 3 years.

Is he a good rider, or is he over zealous with the throttle control?

He claims he was in control!

Sorry about the blur, Tom.

An unusual bike for a Dual sport ride.

Later we saw it on the trail, with a broken throttle cable.

Another rare bike...
Tom, John, Adam, Sandy and I after the 1st days ride.
I don't know her name, but she was spotted at the registration, sign-in, lunch stops, dinner & check-in.

Don't know how she got around so much!

John, Dale, "sorry about not getting the name", Adam and Tom.....

Nearly a full moon.
The view from our hotel, near the airport in Sedona.
A little traffic backup on the trail.

I have no idea what the guy in the lower right hand corner of the picture is doing?

Any ideas?

You can't ask for better scenery riding around Sedona.
This is where the backup was.

This rider rode it with finesse!

This rider forgot he had foot pegs.....
This is what Sedona is all about...
Actually got high enough to be riding in the snow.

We slopped through mud for at least 50 miles...

John seemed to enjoy the entire ride, no matter what it dished out.


The bike was pristine prior to the start of the ride.

The Sedona soil matches the KTM orange!
A little mud pack helped the complexion of the Honda, getting it a little closer to KTM orange!

Do friends let friends ride non-KTM's?

We are working on him!

This is the dirtiest that my new 525 has ever been!

I think it still looks good.....

A little mud pack on the exhaust seemed to make it run a little quieter...
Yes, it was a rattle snake.


Tried to get it to coil, but I kept running away!

Sedona, through the spokes of the 525 KTM....
My 525 and Tom's 450.

Back home and cleaned up.  Now it is time to get the 950 a little dirty!

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