Peru 5

This page includes many of the things we saw, as we traveled from location to location for the "Then and Now" photos in the Lima area.  (October 24 to the 27th)

Lima has a "China Town".
Typical Lima window treatments....
Again, the main Cathedral.

We did the tour through the Cathedral.

The side chamber, in the Cathedral, where Francisco Pizarro's body is laid.
Francisco Pizarro's body is in the box, which is visible through the glass window, directly below the lion.
The main alter....
Underneath the alter is a catacomb, where many of the bishops of this church are buried.

We are not sure what the bones in this case were.

Appeared to be about 40 skulls.

Typical tomb, in the catacomb.

Very old.

Sandy was uneasy about the bones.....
There was also an art gallery in the Cathedral.

These wooden relief pieces were very stunning.

Another typical balcony of Lima, Peru.
After we took pictures from the steeple, we also took a tour of the "Convento de Santa Domingo".

One of the patios.

Bells ring every 15 minutes.

Driven by computers.

That's progress.

This bell was 6 feet across.....
Now you can see the scale.

Sandy and David.

These stained glass windows were about 15 feet tall.
The patio of the Convent.
Another angle....

We took the pictures of the Cathedral, from the small ports just below the angel, on top of the steeple.

Unusual building facade in Lima.
We are starting to get "Churched out", but the detail on this church was beautiful.
This is the "Hotel Bolivar", which we had to enter, in order to take the pictures of "Plaza San Martin".
Nice artistic work....
Which was merely a base for the statue of Jose San Martin.
Sandy does pretty good, riding as a passenger in this kind of traffic.

In a still photograph it looks very organized, but in reality the traffic is very hectic.

I have had taxi's pull up to within 6 inches of my foot.

Sandy will tell you that I am not very polite, when somebody gets within my "Comfort Zone".

Yes, I have had to use sign language more than once!

To get to the ruins of Pachacamac we rode about 15 miles south of Lima.

Much of the area is dunes, similar to those on the North East side of Palm Springs.

Here people build shacks on them.

Additional ruins at Pachacamac.

These ruins covered several square miles.

Shanty towns are built right up to the back side of the ruins.
This reddish/pink dog is the ugliest I have ever seen!
Sandy, a statue and the BMW.

The bike is getting a little beat up.

This picture show how the shanty town approaches the ruins.....

We visited the "Rafael Larco Herrera Museo Arqueologico".  The Larco museum is famous for it gold, ceramics, textiles and erotic art. 

Larco Museum.....

The erotic art IS inappropriate for kids.  Some would say it is just inappropriate, but based on the "Cultural kind of guy I am", I did take some pictures and here is the link.....   Pre-Columbia Art  Again, you have been warned!

The items in this museum were incredible.....
It was good to be the King!
More gold........
It is one of the few museum in the world, which will let you visit the "non displayed items".

Tens of thousands of items!

That's it through the 27th of October, 2005...............

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