Peru 2

On Monday, the 17th of October, we left Chiclayo, Peru and headed back into the Andes and the historic city of Cajamarca, Peru.  This was the site that Francisco Pizarro forced the Incas to gather their gold, then killed the King.

We left the desert coast of Peru, and headed inland through areas which reminded Sandy and I of the Palm Springs area of California.
Neat bridges.....
The GPS was telling us we were within 20 miles of our destination for the last two hours and 60 miles of our ride.

The road was constantly twisting.

The final climb of 5,000 is done in less than 4 miles, as the crow flies.

Mass transportation in Cajamarca, Peru.
In Cajamarca we stayed in a place described in the "Moon Guide Book", as the most unusual hotel in all of Peru.

Hacienda San Vicente is carved into the rocks of the mountain which overlooks Cajamarca.

Altitude 9,500 feet.

On the 18th, we rode about 25 miles in the dirt, to over 12,000.

Unusual rock formations.

In the rock formations behind Sandy, are rock carvings from over 2,000 years ago.
The people which live in these home would disappear every time the camera was visible.
This lady, at 12,000 feet, with a baby strapped to her back, would constantly run, herding the livestock.

This is the house, which during the 1500's, the Spaniard, Francisco Pizarro, ordered the Incas to gather tons of gold.  They filled this house with gold to a line about 8 feet up from the floor.  The King was to be released when the room was full, but was murdered by Pizarro.

In 2 hours the Spaniards slaughtered over 7,000 Incas in Cajamarca.

Baroque style church in Cajamarca.

Carved stone... no paint.

Typical street in Cajamarca.....
Propane powered motorcycle?

On the 19th of October, we left Cajamarca, in the Andes, and rode back to the coast and Trujillo, Peru.

They load the trucks "BIG" in Peru!

When we arrived in Trujillo, we had a tough time finding our hotel.

When we asked a police officer for direction to the Gran Hotel, he gave us a perplexed look, then asked us to follow him to the hotel.

After about 15 turns I realized while he took us to the hotel, versus trying to tell us how to get there.

We visited the ruins at Chan Chan, just outside of Trujillo, on the 20th of October.

The ruins cover 14 square miles!

Behind the bus, are the walls of a palace, which covers over 20 acres.

The walls were nearly 36 feet tall.

Sandy and our tour guide, Jorge Aranda Ferrel.
The city of Chan Chan was occupied from 800 to 1100 AD.

The artesian water still exist today.

The waters were thought to be a religious shrine.

The elite lived in the palace, with the common people living on the outside of the palace walls.

The common people never saw this clear pool of water.

This is where the King and his 89 wife's were buried.

When the King died, his primary wife was sacrificed, and the other 88 wives drank poison.

There are miles and miles of walls still standing!
These ruins were an unexpected surprise.

Any idea what kind of car this is?
These are typical straw boats which are very common in Northern Peru.

Another church....

Trujillo, Peru....

Same church, different angle.....
Trujillo is another Colonial city.
Our hotel in Trujillo, Peru.

Huge pool, almost visible through the lobby.

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