Panamint 2004

On April 22, 2004, Malcolm Smith Motorsports hosted a BMW Large Bike Dual Sport Ride.  It was a four day ride starting at the dealership and then proceeding to Panamint "Resort" located just west of Death Valley.  The area between Death Valley and Bishop has so many neat things to see, that I could spend weeks there, but our goal was to make the best of the 4 days available.  The weather could not have been any better.  The riding friends where great. 

A big thank you to everybody that contributed to the ride.  Especially Tom, Dave, Jim (RawHyde Adventure Tours at ), Will and KTM!   (hey Will.... The Font color is as close as I could come to KTM orange)

This is a small group of the riders having a great time!

Dale, Will, Adam, Craig, Mike, Jim and Jun

Dave was definitely enjoying his R1150.
Debbie, cruising on her 650.
Craig, waiting for the dirt sections.
Hamilton, ready to check out his new GS in the dirt.

Check out the other riders in the mirror!

Tom, the ride coordinator, was concerned that I would lock bars with him.  I am not sure that he trusted my limited riding skills.
This is Jun.  The helmet hides the fact that he was grinning ear to ear riding a KTM supplied Adventure 950!

I am sure his BMW 650 will be for sale soon!  Call if interested.

Adam also enjoyed the KTM, but here he is riding his GS.
Mike was a moving target (or my camera capabilities need work).
This is one of the few shots that I got of Will.  He was usually traveling at a fast clip on the KTM.

At this particular point I had plenty of time to focus! 

Hey Will....  Keep your feet on the pegs!

Some of the Riders

Craig Hamilton
Jun Mike
Tom Crazy man, Will
Debbie was the sole female rider, and an excellent one at that! Dave

Debbie and Dave taking a short breather in Randsberg.

Jim, leading the group (from RawHyde Adventures) on the right.  Jim really made the weekend with his vast knowledge of the area.  Jim was born in Trona, which was 50 miles south of our base. 

Jun, on the left, riding the BMW 650.

Jim looks the Pro that he is!
This was Hamilton's first dump on his new R1150GS.
This was the accident investigation team performing some post accident analysis.
Again, Jim doing what he does best....... 

Leading the group!

Tea Kettle Junction

People, who think ahead, bring tea pots to drop off at this dirt road intersection!

Don't the 950 KTM's look great!

This is a boulder on Race Track Dry Lake.  The rocks move, although nobody has seen it.  It is believed that when there is a thin layer of water, and then it freezes it provides a slip surface which allows the rocks to slide in HEAVY winds.

Jun, walking the dry lake.

Jun, in good form.
Mike, watching for the larger rocks!

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