Other Side Trips

This is the final section of this trip.  Saturday night and it was time for a little drinking at the infamous "Hussong's" of Ensenada, Mexico.  This bar originated in the 1800's.  

It is crowded, noisy, and fun!

The smile on Sandy's face should give you a clue as to whether this was early or later on in the evening!

This is in a development near La Bufadora, were the property has been taken from the Americans.  It is like a ghost town.  It is a shame!  Not only to the American's, but the Mexican's that build, maintain and feed the visitors to this area.  They have literally shot themselves in the foot, economically!

These are deserted homes on the beach.  These homes would not be out of place in Newport Beach or Malibu, California.

We traveled South to La Bufadora.  This is an area where the pressures of the sea cause the waters to spray 60+ feet in the air!

It has turned into a tourist trap with 100's of vendors selling their wares.

Another view of the vendors and parking lots.


Again... Things are changing, and I am not sure if it is for the best.

This is the basin above the blow hole at La Bufadora.

The sign recommends staying off the rocks.

It appears that people everywhere like to tempt temptation.

We proceeded down the coast on dirt roads and trails to beautiful and isolated coast lines.

This is what the R100GS motorcycle is all about.

These were huge rings floating in the ocean.

It was my guess that it is some type of floating fish hatchery.

This was an extremely steep dirt road which dropped to the shoreline about 8 miles South of La Bufadora.

Another view of the road and our trusty steed.

A beautiful coast line, with nobody in sight!

A little tougher section of the road.

It was much steeper than it appears.

That is a car in the bottom of the canyon.


 We headed back about 12 miles on another dirt road and found a "Hot Springs".

 The trip to the Hot Springs required 26 water crossings similar to the one at the right.

13 crossings going in and 13 more coming out.

We used the camera's timer to take this picture of ourselves.

 This is "Estero Beach", where we camped for the long weekend.

The "Bluebird" and the "GS", prepared to head home.

 The coast line on our trip North!


Well.... That's it for this trip.  We had a great time.  If any of our friends read this and find that they may be interested in a long weekend in Estero, let us know.  We are ready to go again!


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