Oregon Coast to Home

It was now time to head southbound along the Oregon Coast. 

It has been a few years since we visited this area. 

I had forgotten how beautiful Oregon is!

Our first stop in Oregon was the city of Astoria, which is located on the mouth of the Columbia River, the divide between Washington and Oregon.
This was one of many scenic views along the Oregon Coast.

Jacob, as usual, in the foreground.

Jacob has many good points.

Sharing a bed with Jacob is not one of them!

It is not a pleasant experience, as depicted in this photo.

For some reason, he always sleeps in a perpendicular position.

Jacob was pretty trusting of this Llama, to be feeding him, but looking towards the camera.
This is where we spent the 4th of July.

Location: Florence, Oregon

This was an excellent sea food restaurant along the river in Florence.

When we got to the Sand Dunes along the Oregon Coast, we went for a flight in a Piper Cub on floats.

The gentleman operating and flying the aircraft was the same gentleman which took me on my very first flight 30 years ago.

The picture, to the right, is that of the river in Florence, Oregon.

The sea food restaurant mentioned above, is in the lower right hand corner of this photo.

Two float plane rides on one trip.  Is this kid lucky, or what!

We also went on a "Dune" ride in this blue vehicle.
After the dunes, we went on a tour of a lighthouse.

This picture shows 4,000 pounds of beautiful red and clear glass, which spins very slowly, causing the lamp to appear as though it is blinking.

We finally made it to Galt, where many of Sandy's relatives live.

This is Steve and Sandy.

Yes, a winery tour must be a part of every vacation!

Ardy, Wendy and Sandy.

Nolan, Jacob, Josh and Samantha!

Cute, times 4!



That's it.  Great trip.  Too little time!

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