On To The Ride

As we traveled north, one of our first stops was at Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Las Vegas, New Mexico

After following Mike and his fellow riders on their trek to New York, in honor of the police and fireman lost in the attacks on the World Trade Center, we noticed every fire station for the balance of our trip.

This fire station was built in 1882.

The town plaza reminded us of many colonial cities of Mexico.
We had a brief stop in Taos, New Mexico.

A little to artsy and commercial for us....

Time to head on.

This bridge was approximately 30 miles west of Taos.

It was built in 1965, and is the second highest bridge in the USA.

It measures 650 above the river below.

The vibration from the vehicles traveling over the bridge created a vibration, which was bothering Sandy.

Her knuckles were white from hanging on!

The "Great Sand Dunes" of southeastern Colorado.
We unloaded the bike to get closer to the dunes.


We nearly got stuck, and Sandy had to walk out as I muscled the bike up a few steep and Sandy hills.

She is smiling because we are back on solid soil.
One last view of the 750 feet high dunes.

When we arrived in Buena Vista, where the Big Dog Ride would start, we had a day to check out the local sights.

This is St Elmo, which is a ghost town located about 20 miles west of Buena Vista.

St. Elmo.

A Duplex in St. Elmo.

As we left St. Elmo, we stumbled on a lodge located at a Hot Springs.

Location: Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.

In the morning, it was time to head for the ride.

We enjoyed a pleasant meal in the lodge and some relaxing in their pool.

We also made a short visit to Leadville, Colorado, which has the highest airport in the United States!

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