On to St. Petersburg

Time to leave New Orleans and the drinking behind.  South and East to the "Dali" art museum in St. Petersburg.


We are ready to depart for New Orleans.  

We shipped 68 pounds of excess cargo on to Miami, in order to lighten the weight.

We landed at Crystal River, Florida in order to check on the deteriorating weather. 

By the time we got back in the Cardinal, the first half of the runway was bone dry,  and the last half was under a "Downpour".

Another great view of the ocean, from over Florida. 

Getting to be the time to land, before the sun sets.
The airport in St. Petersburg is in the center of the downtown area.  

It was a short walk to the "Dali" Museum.

I have been looking forward to visiting this museum for about 20 years. 
The gift shop and a neon "Dali" image.

Incidentally, it was raining cats and dogs outside.

It did clear up when we were ready to head to the Key's.

Our docent.
The "Dali-istic" influence is now affecting our photos.

Time to head to the "Key's.

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