On to St. Augustine


As we leave Miami, we head north to the Kennedy Space Center and the swamps of Florida.

This is our last view of Miami, as we head north.


Hotels and Condominiums. 

Construction on new condominium continues at an unbelievable rate!
They also come in "ANY" color.
More large homes.
We toured the Kennedy Space Center.

This is the assembly building, which is the largest building in the world (by volume).

The working end of a Saturn 4 launch vehicle.

This is the vehicle, which launched the various Apollo efforts (including Apollo 13). 

This is the Lunar Landing Module, which was also launched on the Saturn 4 Rocket. 
This is the top end of the Saturn 4. 
I felt a strong sense of pride when we entered a Space Shuttle Mock-up, and it contained a "Hughes" Intelsat unit. 
We actually got permission to fly through the restricted area over the Kennedy Space Center.  This is the runway on which the Space Shuttle lands.

Based on what happened on September 11th, 2001,  I wonder if any private pilot will ever again get permission to fly as close to the Space Shuttle as they permitted us to do.  

In this picture the shuttle was on the launch pad (maybe two miles ahead of the Cessna (not in sight in this picture)).

500 feet above the Shuttle Runway!

This runway is 300 feet wide and 3 miles long! 

I thought it was unbelievable, that they would let us fly in a "Restricted Area", and fly this low to the "Assembly Building" and the "Launch Site". 
This is the "Guppy", which fly's piece of the "International Space Station", from Europe.
We also took a swamp trip to see alligators, which we did spot.

Sadly, I was not quick enough to capture it on film. 

The boats travel right over the grass.
Sandy and a Red Neck. 
The swamp boat trip is something which everybody should try at least once.

Again, it is time to travel further north.

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