Baja 2007

I  left on September 27th for a two week trip down Baja then up the mainland of Mexico through Copper Canyon.  A little history on how this ride got started is as follows: I have been trying to ride the "Big Dog" ride every year in Colorado since 1996, but I seem to miss a year here and there.  The riding in Colorado is great, but what really keeps me returning is the friends I have made.  Many years ago I was riding my BMW airhead in the "Big Dog" and ended up riding with Tim from Minnesota and Ronnie from Texas, which were also riding airheads.  A couple years ago I suggested that they come out West and ride Baja, Mexico.  As usual, we got together for a week of pre-riding the Rockies and then doing the "Big Dog".  Baja and Copper Canyon came up again, and we decided that this was the year.  We discussed the correct size of the group for the ride, and we decided on 6 riders total.  Not too large.  Not too small.  The three of us each selected one more rider to join us.  I brought my California friend, Tom.  Ronnie from Texas brought his friend Chris.  And Tim from Minnesota had his friend Steve join us.

We also will include a few "Then and Now's" in Mexico.

Ronnie, from Texas.

Ronnie is an excellent rider and the mechanical brains for this ride.

BMW Airhead.

Ronnie's friend, Chris.

Riding a KLR.

Tim from Minnesota.

Riding a BMW 650 X- Challenge.

My friend, Tom.

Riding a R1200GS.

(well not exactly - he had to ship some of the bike home from Alamos, Mexico - more details later).

Yours truly!

Went Orange for this trip (KTM 950)

So it was time to start the adventure - but a little detail came up during one of the initial dinners.  One of the riders admitted to liking Barbara Streisand and also enjoyed "Show tunes".  The rest of us scratched our heads.  Did we make a mistake in our "pre-screening" process?  

We will call this the trip the "Trip of 6 Amigos".

The group heading South!
Cashing up in Mexicali.


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