Hannah's 1st

Hannah's is getting old quickly. 

Although her birthday is not until the 4th of July, she celebrated her birthday on the 26th of June.

The theme was Hawaiian Luau.

Hannah's 1st Birthday cake.
Wendy doesn't always dress Hannah like this.


Remember, this was a LUAU birthday party!

Hannah had many "Kids" to play with at her birthday party.
Hannah, hanging around her 6 foot tall Piņata.

Wendy, trying to show Hannah on how to extract the candy.


The task was left for the older kids.

After the total destruction of the Piņata, Jacob decided to give the legs a try on for size.
The cake weighed in at twice her own weight.
The line to get a turn at whacking the Piņata.

She was not sure if she wanted to eat the cake.
Her first set of swimming goggles.
She sure is a "Girl"!
The 2 Grandmothers.....
Jacob had a great time at Hannah's birthday party.
More fun.....

A little Pilipino touch to the birthday meal.

She tried to join the boys playing basketball.

Well, the years keep flying by..............

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