Swansea 2002


Another Thanksgiving trip with friends, which included the Greninger's (Tom, Julie, Richard, Ryan and Tracy), the Land's (Bob, Sue and Rachel), the Barne's (Jeff. Linda and Kevin), the Villegas's (Jun, Wendy and Jacob) and the Johnson's (Mike and Justine).  We found a dry campsite about 10 miles east of Parker, Arizona, near a ghost town/mining site called Swansea.

Barne's              Greninger's              Land's           Johnson's             Ploung's

Our Thanksgiving weekend started with a GREAT turkey dinner. 

Bob fried a turkey. 

This, by far, was the best turkey I have ever had.


Bob and Tom preparing the 25 pound turkey.

I should have waited to get a picture of the table after Sue had completed the setting.

When it was complete, the table was completely covered with Candles, Wine and the Meal.

Sue, thanks for all the effort and planning.

Also, thank you Linda, Justine and Julie for their efforts (and food).

Tom, the butcher.

I think Tom was extremely pleased with the results.

Jacob was.......

After dinner activities............

Time to load the potatoe gun.

Bob seemed to enjoy the firing of the potato gun a "little to much"!.

Jacob, keeping an eye on the camp fire.
The next morning included a ride to the mining site of Swansea.

Bob, Mike and Tom.

Ryan and Mike.....

Time for a little education............

This is Bob attempting to read the informational displays located around the Swansea historic mining site.

Jacob is helping Bob, and family, with the BIG words.

Sue appears shocked when Bob got stuck on a BIG word (I believe the word was "consolidated").

Jacob explained the word to the Land's!

Bob decided if he could not impress his friends with his intellect, he would impress us with his brawn!

It seemed ashamed to destroy a historic landmark, but we were impressed with his ability to tear down a structure which stood for 100 years, in only 10 minutes.

The "Vue" leading the pack.

This picture was influenced by "Alcohol".

Linda was giggling (not laughing).

Look at Sue's pride in her husband.

Jeff is reflecting on the impacts of alcohol.

Jeff is contemplating what he wishes I would do with my camera.
Jacob is now six.

Time to learn how to fire a gun!

Time to try a little hill climb.
From fifty feet away, we could hear the yelling and screaming from within the Hummer.

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