Meeting Mike

Before heading to the "2002 Big Dog" ride, we headed for eastern New Mexico to catch my brother, Mike Ploung, on his bicycle ride from Long Beach, California to New York City, via Boston.  He is riding 4,000 miles in 40 days with 3 fireman and 2 policeman.  The goal is to get to New York City by September 11, 2002.  They are keeping to their schedule!

We rode along, with the group, from Moriarty to Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Mike, Jim and Ron, resting up, prior to heading east to Santa Rosa, New Mexico.
Mike, doing a little huffing and puffing as they travel at a pace that I could not keep for more than 2 minutes!
Ron, Mike and Sandy, during a brief break in the action.
Mike, smiling and ready for more riding!
Keeping up the pace.
Mike and Ron.


The welcoming committee in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. 

Mike stated that they are frequently escorted by the local fire departments, into and out of the various cities.

The group, following the fire truck.

It was time for Sandy and I to get some rest, and head north for the 2002 Big Dog Ride.

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