Lake Havasu 2002

On the weekend of February 15, 2002 we joined Tom and Julie, Jeff and Linda, Dave and Patti and Steve and Toni for a weekend in Lake Havasu.  We also visited the "Desert Bar" and the Swansea Mine. 


The trip started out with a ride on a dirt road, back to the site of the old Swansea mining operation.


Sandy and Tom.

Tom had purchased a pair of helmet intercoms which made communications, while riding, very easy.


Thanks again Tom!

And here's comes Jeff, Linda and Julie.


Julie's butt got sore after a few miles on the back of Tom's BMW, so she opted for the comforts of the Jeep!.

Sandy, standing in front of a recently collapsed mining structure at Swansea.
The other side of the same structure.
After our visit to the old mine, we visited a place called "The Desert Bar".

It had quit a collection of relics, old cars and fire trucks.

The bar is on the right hand of the photo.  The "false front", all metal, church stands on the left.

People get to this location via a 6 mile dirt road.

Old Fire Truck.
They had excellent "Live" entertainment.
Another old fire truck.
This is the home of the owner of the bar.  The architecture is similar to the bar.


The tall tower is a functional cooling tower.

Sandy standing in front of the church.


They do have wedding ceremonies here!

Not sure what the deal is here.  It appears that everybody hangs an old pair of tennis shoes from the tree.

This is located about half way between Desert Center and Parker (on highway 177).

It is now time to drive the few remaining miles to home!

Until next time, ADIOS!

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