On to Kitty Hawk

Saint Augustine to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

I found it a fantastic experience to fly from the Kennedy Space Center to Kitty Hawk in a small aircraft.

From the launch area for Moon landings...... Then on to where the first flight occurred!

This is now a college in St. Augustine, Florida.

It was built as a hotel by Mr. Flagler, as a hotel for the railroad, which he built along the coast line of Florida. 

A church built by Mr. Flagler as a burial site for his daughter.

He is also buried in the left wing of the church. 

Sandy, at the gateway to the old city of St. Augustine, which is the oldest town in Florida. 
The Fort in St. Augustine. 
We were able to fly over many lighthouses, as we flew up the coastline of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina! 
There were also many "Forts". 
Another Fort. 
A lighthouse which was located on an eroding coastline.
A pair of abandon Lighthouse located on a desolate island. 
Another Lighthouse. 
And another! 
We made a quick fuel stop in Hilton Head, Florida.

You can putt a few balls, on the green, while you are waiting for them to fuel your aircraft. 

Another quick fuel stop in Myrtle Beach. 
The Cardinal, just a few hundred yards from the Wright Brothers memorial. 
Sandy, at the "Memorial". 
This track of barren sand is where the "First Flight" occurred. 
Typical beach cottage at "Kill Devil", North Carolina. 

Time to head on...................................

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