4-6-01 Keyclub


A "Family Night" out!

We went to the "Keyclub" to see Cecilia Noel and the Wild Clams.  

Mel, Jennie and Phil, Mike and Linda, Wendy and Jun and Dale and Sandy had a great time.

Thanks to Lynda for the pictures!

Why the crazy look on Mike's face?

Maybe a visit to the Hustler store on Hollywood Boulevard.

Mike and Phil attempting to "Hit" on a few women.


No, they were not successful!

We always thought that Dad was an angel.
Mike can be a real "Dick" at times.
Waiting for the concert  to begin!


Dad, Jean and I.

Your typical "Ploung Family" outing?



 Mike, Dale, Jean and Dad.
A quick visit to the Hustler for a little shopping.


Hey Mike, what's the air pump for?

Mike was having a tough time trying to figure out why she was being non-responsive!
It was time to leave town, before the entire family was arrested!

We all had an enjoyable time.....

The Keyclub and a concert....

An Adult store....

and breakfast at Denny's

for now   ADIOS!


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