Jenny and Tim's Wedding


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On the 11th of August, Jennie and Tim get married.

This is the wedding party!

The "Thatcher Mansion" was a beautiful place to start a marriage.

The Ploung side of the family (Melanie's side).

Cory and Jacob.

The start of a long marriage.

The beginning.

Andrea Mendoza and Jacob Villegas.

Good looking kids.. Or what!

The wedding party.



of the bride and groom.

Mel and Phil.

Do they look happy?

Tim's side of the family.

Roberto Ploung and Jean.

A contemplative and happy

"Father of the Bride".

The "Wedding Party".



A little gentleman.

"Mother of the Bride"


and the Bride!

Cory and Mel.


the stud.

I may be partial,


but I think that this kid is the best looking kid that I have ever seen.

The start of a long journey!   We all wish them the Best of Luck!

The "Ploung's".

Mike and Lynda.

The cutting of the cake.

Let the fun begin.

Erin and Brian.



 and the

"Father of the Bride".

Jeanie, Mike and Lynda.

Andrea and Jacob.



Jacob gets a little dancing in!



Is he going to be a

party animal or not?

Brian and Jeanie.

Jun... The Father of the "Best Looking Kid".


Wendy... The Mother of the "Best Looking Kid".


and "The Best Looking Kid".

We all wish "Jennie and Tim" the best!


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