Home Bound

Time to finish the trip.  We are finally flying over some of our old haunts.

An old church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
Arriving in Sedona.

This is one of the most beautiful places to fly.

The Sedona area looks like it should be a "National Park". 
Desert shapes and colors. 
Monument Valley.

When you fly over Monument Valley, it is hard not to remember the television show "Air Wolf". 

Meteor Crater.

(Located near Winslow, Arizona) 

A few more shots of the Sedona area. 
It does not seem legal to fly over something this beautiful.
The beauty is unbelievable. 
Hated to head home.
One little oil temperature problem, fixed in Prescott, Arizona. 
Over flying another frequent destination which we used to visit regularly.

The End......... Time to start planning the next trip!

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