Glacier to Seattle

It was tough, but we had to finally leave the Wright shindig. 

We proceeded to the north toward Canada.

Our first stop was "Big Fork, Montana".  It was an artsy community with little restaurants, art galleries and gift shops.


It also had sidewalk sculptures.

The sculpture on the right side is ours!

This shot of Jun and Jacob is in "Glacier National Park".
This old 1936 Fords had been newly restored this year, and are utilized to take visitors through the park, as they did 65 years ago.
We arrived at Glacier on July 1st. 

Three days earlier, the road over the pass had just opened for the first time this year.


Jacob, standing on a dock at "Lake MacDonald".

Jacob and I went for a flight in this DeHavilland Beaver.

Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

A golf course located on the shores of the lake. 

To the right is a floating green, to which the golfer must boat.

The floating green is moved daily!

Cute kid and good looking aircraft!

Gail, a friend who used to live in Yorba Linda many years ago, and her mother, Mary.

The little guys is Jacob, but you knew that!

Jacob, and Seattle's "Space Needle", from the 1964 "World's Fair".

One of the high points of the trip was a 1 1/2 hour tour in this amphibious disco duck.

The guide was as funny as any stand up comedian which I have ever seen!

It took us through the historic sites of Old Seattle.
After we concluded the "Duck" tour, we went on a 1 1/2 hour underground tour of Seattle.

Again, an extremely funny and knowledgeable tour guide!

The final stop in Seattle was to the "Museum of Flight".  This is another "must do" when in Seattle.

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