Estero Beach (01-2002)


Was this a great time or what?  It certainly was!  Tom, Mike, Ryan, Hans, Steve, Sandy and myself all had an excellent time on this January weekend (January 18th to the 20th).  The location was Estero Beach, Mexico (just south of Ensenada).  The weather could not have been better for riding!  

The good news... Nobody was injured (will, maybe a little pride).  The bad news... Ryan seized his Kawasaki. 

This was a frustrating job of selecting a few of the many pictures which were taken.  Selecting between the friends, the bikes or the scenery was difficult.  So, here are a few pictures of each! 

This is the pool area of the "Estero Beach Hotel", which is beautiful.
Tom, Sandy and I arrived on Friday.  Time to relax and wait for the others to show up.

Tom and I did get a little ride in on Friday.

Tom had a taco off the street vendor.  

He later claimed that it was the best taco he had ever had!

Saturday morning's ride included Tom, Mike, Ryan and Myself.  We headed to the beach southeast of "La Bufadora".  The company, the trails and the scenery could not have been better!

Then Ryan started having problems.  

It included fuel and mixture problems.

In an attempt to offset Tom's expenses for the weekend, he sold gasoline to Ryan for $10.00 a pint (Total 8 pints.. $80.00).

Ryan's bike also required mechanical work on the carburetor (at $55.00 per hour) for another $55.00.

Once Tom unloaded the weight of gasoline from his bike, he was finally able to lift the front-end of his "Tanker" off the ground!

Mike can barely been seen in chase.

Go get him Mike!


Tom's tanker should be easy to catch on a 2001 CR250 Honda.

Ryan's ride sadly came to an end when the engine seized.

The ride ended, but his expenses did not!

Another $75.00 for a ride back to Estero Beach in the back of Steve's pickup truck.

Let's see... I think the total is now $210.00, plus the cost of fixing the engine.  Ryan, maybe it is time for a new bike (maybe a 4 stroke?).

We all know how Steve is!  He wants to see the cash, prior to loading Ryan's Kawasaki.

Come on Steve, give the guy a break!

Mike tries the old guys 4 stroke.


A little suspension compression!

This was Saturday's sunset!

Dinner on Saturday night was at the Estero Beach Hotel.


For blowing up his bike, Ryan has an excellent attitude!

Sunday morning ride.


Looking at the view!

This was the view!

The picture say's it all!

The blow hole blows at "La Bufadora".

We had 26 water crossing on Sunday morning, on our ride to and from "Agua Caliente" (hot springs).

Mike's 2 stroke is still running.

Hans, Steve, Ryan and Mike!

Hans, Ryan and Steve, riding back from the Hot Springs.

Sandy spent the weekend at and around the Estero Beach Hotel.  


She has stated that she also had a great weekend!

On the way home, Tom is solicited by 3 women for his business.


We ended up have lunch with the lady in the middle.


Location: "The Fish Market" in Ensenada, Mexico.

Thanks to everybody, and especially Tom for catering and coordinating, this fantastic weekend.

Let's not wait too long before we do it again!

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