Death Valley (4-2002)

On the 5th of April, Butch, Sandy and I had an excellent weekend ride to and through the Death Valley area.  We covered more than 750 miles, and enjoyed every mile of the ride.

This picture was taken at the lowest spot in the United States.


It is 280 feet below sea level!

(Location: Badwater)

Sandy and I rode out onto the "Devil's Golf Course".


The terrain looks soft, but it is as hard as a rock!


(Location: Devil's Golf Course)

This was a 10 mile, single lane "one-way" road.

These old cars could make you think of what it was like driving across Death Valley 70 years ago!


(Location: Artist Palette)

The picture does not do the colors justice.


There was a slight overcast.

We could not get a motel in Death Valley, so we headed 30 miles east of Furnace Creek and stayed at the "Amargosa".

A lady bought this place 35 years ago.  She has an opera house which is open on Saturday's only.  It is "Always" sold out for a play which she is the sole actress and host.

This hotel was originally the sleeping quarters of the "Pacific Borax Company" executives.  It has 20 rooms.

It is also the basis for a new movie call "Amargosa".  The movie is the history of the lady which host's the play!

This month the movie is playing on the Sundance channel!

(April 10, 2002).

It is very much like a "Mexican" hacienda!


Click below to learn about the movie.......

Would have liked to have more time to hike.


(Location: Zabriskie Point)

Everywhere you looked, the soil is a different color.


Notice the complete lack of vegetation.

This Steam Driven engine was built in 1894.


(Location: Furnace Creek)

The spokes of the wheel were adjustable.


This wheel was 8 feet tall.

Butch, cruising across the desert.

Keeping an eye out for Butch, as we glide across Death Valley!

This is Scotty's Castle.


It was actually built by a Mr. Johnson.  It was Johnson's money and Scotty's idea!

The weather was perfect for motorcycling across the desert, or visiting a castle.
Many old cars were parked behind the castle, as they were 50 years ago!
A Volcano!


(Location: Ubehebe Crater)

On the way home we stopped in Ridgecrest, which is an old semi-ghost/mining town.

Breakfast was good!

This is Butch waving "So Long for a fun weekend"! 

Little did he realize, at this point in time, that he would have an accident with a car during the next 3 hours requiring 9 stitches.

As usual, Adios until next time!

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