WE arrived in Davenport, Iowa and started looking for things to do.  We were in luck as this was the weekend for the "Sturgis Run" here in Davenport.  Also, John Deere had tours of the factory were they build $400,000.00 Harvesters.

It is the 18th of June, and we start out by heading to the John Deere Pavilion, which is located across the river in Moline, Illinois.

Looked like a Tonka toy!  The construction John Deere's are Yellow.

And the farming equipment is Green!

A real antique (the tractor, not Sandy)!

The "Waterloo" was another brand, which John Deere aquired.

I thought all the belts on the old "Bluebird" were confusing.

Just as we were leaving, a down pour started.

June 19th was the beginning of the Davenport Sturgis event at the fairgrounds.

We started out riding around the waterfront in Davenport.

The Mississippi.

It is not the "Bridge of the America's" in Panama, but we have not yet seen a machine gun either.

Sandy is trying to get me to trade the old BMW in for the Harley, with a Stripper Pole.

Not going to happen!

The wheels were cool.........

Not going to tell you the score I got..........

On Saturday we went to the Figgie Museum for their first ever walking Architectural tour.

 Architectural tours  are interesting in that you learn the history of the city, how money was made and who the heavy weights of the local region that made the money.

And you get a little exercise walking around the city.

I just noticed that most of the guys on the tour were a little hair deprived.

Who'd a thunk Davenport would be this attractive!

I would tell you the history of some of these buildings, but it has been so long since we walked Davenport, that the pictures will have to (I am posting this page on the 3 of August).

Loved the faded paint and neon..........

The detail on this building was amazing (and expensive).

Downtown Davenport.......

Neat clock.......

And neat bronze art above the door of this bank building.

On Sunday (the 20th of June), we cruised around Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois and found many things to do.......

We stopped on one of the bridges, which crosses the Mississippi, and watched the Locks being used.

The top lock is full, and the bottom lock was low.

They drained the top lock and opened the gates so boats could enter the lock to head upstream.

And the summer boaters head up the Mississippi.

Once the boaters are in the upper lock, the gates will close and they will fill the lock with water and up the boats go!

It was a very nice day........

One of John Deere's old homes which is currently going through restoration.

The view of Moline from the porch of John Deere's home (see picture, above).

When John would look out over the city, most of the buildings and factories belonged to John!

We drove about 4 miles East of Moline and found a Antique Truck, Tractor and Old Engine Show.

This was a 1941 John Deere, which looked like new.

Many old engines that were over 100 years old.

This was a "Gade Brothers" 1904 engine, built in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

It spun at 300 rpm and produced 6 horsepower.

Strange to watch an engine produce power, and actually watch the bottom of the piston go up and down.

This Rock Island tractor was built in 1935.

That's it for Sunday, the 20th of June, 2009.

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