Chile 7

On Tuesday, the 14th of February, we headed back to Santiago, Chile.  We had a 4 day ride lined up with a group of riders from Santiago (Cualtaco).    The Cualtaco group was invited to go along on a "Harley" gathering, which we joined.  The following picture is the Andes, as you approach from the East (Argentina, back to Chile).

The road to Chile...
It is difficult to make good time riding in South America, as you want to stop every few minutes and take another picture.
Beautiful blue skies.
Instead of taking the dirt road over the top of the Andes, as we did when we rode from Chile to Mendoza, Argentina, this time we took the 2 mile tunnel.
Sandy, helping out in our border crossing into Chile.
And back down the twisties towards Santiago.

On the 15th we begin a 4 day trip with over 100 motorcycles.  Our trip starts out at Jose's home.

Jose has been an email buddy which we have been communicating with for nearly a year.

After having many dinners and conversations with Jose, we were really looking forward to spending 4 days riding with him and his wife Macarena.

Jose, leaving his home on his African Twin.

We rode from Santiago, south bound, to Curico, which is in the center of the wine country

Jose used to live in Curico.  Sandy and I stayed in a hotel which Jose's friend owned.

We were invited to dinner at the owners home, along with 8 riders on an Ayers Moto Adventure, out of Brazil.

The group was on an 18 day ride in Argentina and Chile.

Gate to the home where we had dinner.

The "Ayers Adventure" bikes.

The riders where from the United States and Australia.

None of the riders knew one another until they met on this ride.

We had dinner in a beautiful setting, in Jose's friends backyard.
In Chile they enjoy outdoor living!
On Thursday, the 16th of February, we leave Curico and head to the coast and follow dirt roads south bound to Concepcion, where we would meet the rest of the riders.
One of many scenic Chilean coastal village.
Our tank bag required some stitching to stop a rip.

Jose's Spanish helped locating an upholstery shop, which fixed the tank bag in less than 5 minutes.

Logging is a big business in this area of Chile.
We stopped for a seafood lunch at a beach resort.

Black sand predominates the beaches along the coast of this part of Chile.

Sandy and Macarena, in front of our lunch stop.
Sandy and I are eating way too well!

On Friday, the 17th of February, we went for a ride with about 10 bikes from the Cualtaco motorcycle group of Santiago, which we had dinner with back in November, December and February.
We visited Lota, which was a mining town, which now is very depressed since the mines have recently closed.

We toured the large park, which used to be the grounds of the owners of the mines back in the mid 1800's.

Wish I could remember all their names.

A common bond, motorcycles, really helps the communications with a group which speaks Spanish.

Our Spanish vocabulary is probably up to about 50 words.

I can assure you that their English is better than our Spanish.

We had dinner with over 100 riders in Concepcion, Chile.

What a neat group of people!

The Harley riders know how to host a very classy event.

All the women received roses.

Sandy and I both received Harley T-Shirts for having traveled the farthest for the ride.

The dinner was enhanced with traditional Chilean and Spanish entertainment.
Very classy......

On Saturday, the 18th of February,  we head to a winery with over 100 bikes.

They had a helicopter follow the ride, taking photos and videos.

We are excited about getting our copy of the DVD which they are preparing.

The ride was through the rolling hills of the Wine Country of Chile.
Biking is big in Chile.....
When we returned to Chile, we brought with us a new "Ram" camera mount for the motorcycle.

We took over a hundred photos of the other bikes.

Jose and Macarena, on their African Twin.
Another BMW GS........
And many good looking Harley's!
Although we can't speak Spanish, they treated us with much friendliness.....

At the winery we enjoyed more Chilean entertainment, food and friendship....
The helicopter, which followed the ride landed at the winery for a rest.

Too bad the pilot could not enjoy the wines.......

I just started to realize that the pictures of the last few weeks will destroy how "Tough and Tumble" this ride through South America is.........

Yep... It has gotten soft, compared to the Andes of Peru and the jungles of Ecuador.

This picture is a reminder of how nice it is to be at the top of the food chain....
Macarena and Sandy, ready to ride from the winery, back to Concepcion, and ANOTHER meal.

A little "Dirt Roading" on Harley's...
Even a few Ducati's on the ride....

Ride and Eat...  Ride and Eat...  Ride and Eat...

Life is tough down here!

Me, wearing my new "Harley of Santiago Chile" T-Shirt.

Yep... Another dinner with over 100 riders.

Someday I may have to buy the bike to match the shirt............

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