Charlie's 80th

Sandy's father, Charlie, had his 80th birthday on the 19th of June, 2002.  He had over 180 friends and family members visit from near and far.  It was a great weekend to visit friends, which we have not seen for many years.  Many came from Minnesota ("don't ya know").   And Washington.   

Jacob gets his first ride on a Caterpillar Motorgrader.
This is the view from the back porch of the "Wright Estate".

It overlooks the valley and the garden.

Wendy and Charlie are performing a "stress" test on a 15 year old rope.

Sandy, Zach, Josh, Charlie, Jun, Wendy, Jacob, Steve, Tammy, Andy and Rod.

Jacob seems to have an interest in farming, which Grandpa is more than willing to promote.
An onion on steroids.

The party was held at the "Darby Community Club House".
Two cakes were decorated.  Each cake was frosted with an image from a photograph. 

The lady who decorated the cakes stated that it takes about six hours to frost each cake.

Sandy and Charlie.
Two cousins.

Wendy and Tammy.

The "Family".

(Jacob, in a choke hold)

Sandy, Hollis, Charlie, Don, Lena, Jean, and Ron.
Charlie was one of 14 children.

Charlie, Cliff, Bertha and Edna are the remaining four.

Jacob was also interested in embroidery.

It had his attention for 2 hours, as he embroidered a motorcycle.

A great salmon luncheon was held on Sunday.

It made our plans to depart, a difficult decision.

The following two pictures were given to Kathy (Sandy's sister).

The pictures were about 1 1/2 by 1 inches (very small).  We digitized the photos.

It is Sandy, with her parents and two sisters, Judy and Kathy.

The pictures were probably taken in 1957!

Charlie, Ardy, Kathy, Judy and Sandy.

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