Brazil 8

Resting for a week in Juquehy has been such a pleasure, prior to resuming our travels northbound through Brazil.  Dov and Beth - Thank you again, for letting us use your beach home. 

It is the 2nd of May and it is another relaxing day in Juquehy, Brazil.   The day included a short ride south through other small villages.  Swam in the Ocean!   Water temperature is great.  This photo is looking Northeast towards Juquehy Beach.  Dov's place, where we are staying, is on the beach just above Sandy's head.

And this is the next beach to the Southwest. 

This picture was taken in nearly the same spot as the picture above, just looking the other direction.

This is the church in the village pictured above.


Everything looks like postcards to us!

As you ride along the coast, from one small village to another, there are many streams or small rivers which empty into the ocean.  All the bridges are similar to this bridge.  In the center of the roadway there are spaces between the boards of about 18" by 18".  On a motorcycle at night you would want to be VERY careful crossing these bridges.  The same would be true if you are walking across the bridge!

On Thursday, May 3rd, we head about 40 miles Northeast to catch a ferry to "Ihlabela", which is an island about 1 1/2 miles off the coast of Brazil,

The view on the ride to the city of Sao Sebastiao, where we will catch the ferry to the island.


The coastline, in this part of Brazil, has many offshore islands.

I would guess that this has been about our 60th ferry ride, while in South America.
We needed some stitching performed at a shoe repair shop, on the island of Ihlabela, which is directly behind the BMW.

But, the shoe repairmen is also the barber (behind Sandy), and haircuts come first.

The shoes will have to wait.

The ferry delivers you to the center of the island which runs North/South along the coast.  Today's goal was to see the Northwest side of the island.  The paved/cobblestone road only runs up and down the West side of the island.  There is a dirt road that climbs the ridge and takes you to a beach on the East side of the island, but we will save that for later.

The road is a 2 lane slow twisty road which follows the coastline. 

And it is a constant succession of small coves like this one.

For my helicopter pilot friends....

Behind the tree on the left was a beautiful home....

With it's own helipad, built in the ocean!

The weather was starting to change....

On this cove we had a great salmon lunch....

This was the view from our seat in the restaurant....

View from the same seat, looking the other direction....


In the background is the mainland of Brazil....

Also from restaurant....

As we rode home, it started to rain.  Wind surfing is a popular activity on the West side of Ihlabela.

Candid picture of Sandy on the ferry ride back to the mainland....



Is Sandy contemplating?

Is Sandy concerned about the weather?

The distance between Ihlabela and the mainland is about 1 1/2 miles.  There is a large dock in this area for loading or unloading oil.  During our 3 outings to the City of Sao Sebastiao we noticed 5 tankers either coming or going.  And each tanker is pulled to or from the dock area by 4 tugboats, which pull them the last 2 miles towards the docks.

Here, the tugs are going out to greet a tanker, and pull her up to the docks.

May 4th was a workday.  Time for the 4th valve adjustment of the trip.

It is the 5th of May (hey - I am missing "Cinco de Mayo" celebrations back home!), and it is back to Ihlabela.  Today we will try and get to the East coast of the island, then ride to the southern tip.  As we cross on the ferry, there is another tanker getting pushed to the docks of Sao Sabastiao.

Another Sandy - Ferryboat picture...........

It is about 15 miles of dirt road, to get to the East side of the island.  In some areas the dirt road was easy.  In some areas it was red soil and rutted.  Here is an easy section!

We made it to the top of the summit, then down the mountain towards the beach.  But we only descended about 1/2 mile.  It had rained the day before and the rutted slippery roadway made it just a little too risky by ourselves.  To this point, we had seen no others, so we felt very remote.

We walked another 400 yards to try and get a picture of the beach far below, but the vegetation was too dense.
As re rode back, we ran into these 3 kids on bikes....

They had a flat tire, which they could not inflate.  I pulled my electric pump out, but could not get it connected to the tube stem.

When I pulled the stem with pliers, I pulled it completely off the tube!

I gave them $10.00 for a new tube, and they seemed pleased!

After another 1/2 hour of riding out, the tourists starting showing up in jeeps.

Had I known that others would be coming down the roadway, I would have continued down to the beach.

Oh well.......

After we made it back to the cobblestone road, we headed South along the West side of Ihlabela.  If you look closely at the upper right hand side of this small tropical island just off the shore of Ihlabela, you can see a home.  Also notice the pool on the lower right-hand side of the island.

Coastline of Ihlabela.

After riding to the southern tip of the island, Sandy wanted to go back to the restaurant where we had excellent Salmon 2 days ago.  The view was reason enough to return to this restaurant!

After lunch, it was time to return by ferry, back to the mainland.

Parting view of Ihlabela.  We will miss the island.......

Well, that is it, through the 5th of May 2007!

(will try and work on the Then and Now's during the next few days)

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