Big Dog - Day 2

Day 2 of the Big Dog ride (Thursday, the 15th of August, 2002). 

Some are sore, some are tired, some are nervous, but all are ready to start the trip to "Black Bear Pass". 

Time for the "Kitties" to stay on the porch.  Time for the "Big Dogs" to roam!

This is Dr. Greg Frazier's BMW, which has been around the world more than once.

He has written many books on traveling throughout the world on a motorcycle.

He has "been there and done that".

The morning lecture regarding the damage toll from the day before (bikes and people).

And the warning to return for the 2" steak dinner on Thursday night!

On this ride you do not want your bike to break down on the first day of the ride.

Why, you ask?

Because it becomes the "Parts" bike for the riders with the operational machines!

This was the final stop for this rider!

Broken Bike......

Back to the ranch.....

Above the tree line it just seems that you are closer to God!

Disneyland is great, but it could not have designed anything as beautiful as this area of Colorado.

4,000 feet above Telluride, and you could almost knock a golf ball into town!

Black Bear Pass is the only thing between us and Telluride.

This picture shows an incline... but it is 3 times as steep as it appears here!

The bikes "Case" when you descend over the ledges.

This is the view of the drop off!
Twenty more feet, and if you miss the turn to the right, you will drop hundreds of feet!

Telluride in the distance.

This is a house and a power generator on a cliff 2,000 feet above Telluride! 

As you can see the cliffs which we had to descend are very steep.

We made it to Telluride, with fewer than 6 bike crashes this morning!

Time for a sandwich!

Imogene Pass.

Over 13,000 feet.

Big Drop Off's.

Don't fall asleep from fatigue!

Various styles of crossing streams.....


TIM...... (Minnesota)

Ronnie...... (Texas)
Sasha..... (California)
Anton..... (Pennsylvania)
This is what makes it all worth while.....

We finished the ride, then started a little side trip.......

This was the turnaround point for the old guy!

I went up and around the corner, and then called it a day.

Did not drop or hurt the bike or myself...... "A Good Day!"

Ronnie biffed it....

But, with a positive attitude!

The reward for a strenuous day....

You had to be there..........

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