Big Dog - Day 1

The ride started out with a group picture in the central park in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Probably the best bike for the "Big Dog" ride is the R80GS BMW.
The ride started out easy, en-route to Hancock Pass.

(Tim, from Minneapolis)

Sasha (from San Francisco), creating some dust.
This picture was taken at approximately 12,250 feet.
The old guy. catching his breath.

Tim and Ronnie, on their R100GS Bumble Bees.

Tim is a little tired and hurting, which was induced by the worst crash of the group.

Tim, hope you are feeling better!

Ronnie, the "Texan".
Sasha, the youngest of the group, is waiting for the older guys to catch their breath!

He is ready!

Anton rode his bike from Pennsylvania to ride in the event!

I love my R100GS BMW!  It is SO neat what you can do with these things!

All 5 of us had R100, airheads.

You had to be careful, due to the fact that here and there, there were a few rocks!

And this is at 12,000+ feet!

We were not riding with Wendell, when he rode through a stream which was over 3 feet deep.

Over night Wendell performed an oil and gear box change, air box removal and other maintenance items.

He had the bike ready the next morning, 10 minutes before the ride started!

Congratulations Wendell!

A R100PD Airhead

This was the bike that won the wheelie contest last year.

This year Jim Griffitt's bike ate a valve.  He bought the car for $1,200, then welded the bike to the rear of the car.

He will tow the bike home (Idaho), sell the car, then fix the bike.  See you next year!

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