Ben's House


Today we successfully tracked down the location of another writer's home in Baja, California.

This home was that of Ben Hunter, the author of "The Baja Feelings", and host of the "Ben Hunter Movie Matinee" (KTTV).  He also pioneered the idea of offering orphans for adoption on television. 

He was also the radio personality on "The Nightowl Club" on KFI 640 AM radio from 1949 to 1960.

This is the cover of the book, which gave us four clues utilized to find the home.

Clue 1: The home was near Ensenada Mexico.

Clue 2: The home was close to the village of "Ejido Chapultepec".

Clue 3: It was in an area called "Nuevo Espana".

Clue 4: There was a picture of the home (in the book). 

This was "Clue 4".





Picture was taken from the book.

Another picture from the book which shows Ben Hunter celebrating the completion of his Mexican Casa.

We literally stumbled on this clue!

We were riding back to the campground for lunch.

What a surprise when we noticed this sign less than 2 miles from where we were camped!

(Clue 2)

When we found the sign above, we headed directly for the beach.  We went into a campground looking for the home.  No similar homes were found, but when we asked questions, we were told that "Nuevo Espana" was the next development to the South.

This was just going "to easy"!

This is the home as we found it.  It was in a development where all the homes looked the same.  We asked somebody on the beach if they knew of the Hunter's.  The answer was no.  Then they stated that their address was C-8.  Ben Hunter's address was C-7.  It turned out that they lived in the adjoining home!
This is the picture from the book.

The same sign, on the property across the street from the Hunter's, was still standing (and tilting at the same angle!).

The only changes we noticed was the lamp fixture and the stuccoing of some bricks!

We parked the bike in front of the home to prove that we found the "casa".
Again, the coordinates are N 31'47.170, W 116'37.081

The neighbors which lived in the adjoining house sent us to the home identified with the arrow, to confirm that we had located the Hunter's "casa".

We had an enjoyable time discussing the Hunter's with the occupants of the identified home.

The weathered sign above the doorway of the Hunter's home, which is now owned by Ben's oldest son.

The sign reads, "Casa Jubilation".

During our discussions with the home owners of the home identified with the red arrow, we learned that Ben passed away about 20 years ago.  Ben's wife, Margie, lived in the house until her death about 1 1/2 years ago.  They stated that in the book Ben talks about skinny dipping on the beach.  The neighbors stated that it was difficult picturing 70 year old Margie swimming without clothing.  The clock of time is spinning, isn't it! 


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