Baja 2003

We headed south to Rancho Veronicas (just south of Tecate, Mexico).  We got there on Thursday night, September 18th, 2003.  We had about an hour to ride before it got dark, so a short ride it was.  The long weekend riders included Garrett, Tom, Steve, Mike, Dan and I.

Garrett, the young guy, at 26, owns the red Honda 650.

No, that is not Garrett attempting to start his bike, but Mike (one of the older guys).

At this point Garrett was probably unsure of what he had signed up for!

Sorry Garrett, but I had to include this picture.

This is Tom (another older guy), riding Garrett out of the canyon on Garrett's own bike.

We are not sure if Garrett likes riding sissy, or he just needed a hand!

An hour in the dirt and Garrett looks dirty and tired.


Just wait until tomorrow.

The guys waiting while Tom rests up a bit!

This picture was at Laguna Hanson.  A lake in the mountains of Baja.

One of our interesting gas stops.

This one was near Laguna Hanson.

Another gas stop at Oso Negros.

I could not get anybody to follow me on a tough single track.

Actually, I looked back to see where the boys where, and simply drove off the side of the road and down an embankment.

This is the pool area of Mike's Sky Ranch.

Swimming may have been fun, if it was not for the floating dead rat!

Steve and his KTM getting towed by Mike and his DR.

Steve's bike would not start because he thought his bike was a little dirty, so rinsed it off the night before, and got the plug wet.

We figured this out after towing the bike for nearly 3 1/2 miles in the dirt.

Steve: Have you paid for the tow rope yet?

This is Steve doing a decent water crossing.
This is Dan doing a decent water crossing.
This is Garrett doing a decent water crossing.
This is Mike doing a decent water crossing.
This is Tom.

My mom told me if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything.

O.K. Mom!


"Gas Out of a Barrel"

gas stop.

We followed the power lines for a few miles on a single track.  It was one of the best parts of the weekend ride.
We are riding towards the coast to get to cooler weather.

The coastline in this area is pretty.

Saturday night and the sipping begins.

  He had a surprise coming!
What, me happy! Just trying to fit in.
All he did was talk about his wife. Steve saying, "Dale, did I tell you about...........".

It was a tough weekend on tires.

Enough said.............

As usual, ADIOS!

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