Art Deco and Homes

There is no doubt that some people do live the "GOOD LIFE".

And  many people in Florida do live it!

This is the Viscaya Museum and Gardens.  

Originally. this was the winter home of James Deering, of International Harvester fame.

This is the view from the back porch of the mansion.  

(I doubt if they called it a porch, on a home of this size)

This ship sized island was created for parties.  

They used a gondola type boat to transport the guests to the island.

The taxes were, most likely, a killer.
One small section of the gardens.
Another side of the home.

The "Art Deco" section of Miami, which is now called "South Beach".

This area was extremely run down, until 20 years ago.  

It is now a real attraction.

In the evenings, when you walk down the avenue, it is like "Small World" at Disneyland.  

The music, which emerges from the nightclubs, changes every 75 feet.

The architecture is extremely interesting.
The hotels go on and on for 15 blocks.

This is the only home in the area.

This was the home of Mr. Versace.

The good life.
This is not one isolated area of wealth.

It goes on for many miles.

An intersection in a residential area.

It could have easily been in Beverly Hills.

The Biltmore, in Coral Gables, Florida.
The estate of Henry Flagler.

On the East Coast Flagler's name comes up again and again.

He developed the railroad down the East Coast (to Key West).

Homes built on the islands between Miami and Miami Beach.

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