Argentina 8

We took a  week or so break from posting pictures, as we adjust to the schedule they keep, here in Buenos Aires.  We will stay for 2 months in Buenos Aires, and now wonder of that will be enough time to enjoy everything the city has to offer.  There are also dozens of "Then and Now's" to research.

On the 24th we walked the area near our new apartment.

Old classic buildings everywhere...
Many of the streets in Buenos Aires have a special lane set up for motorcycles.
Another classic...
And another...
Sometimes the old classics are squeezed between 2 newer buildings.

Most of the classics are between 5 and 7 stories tall.

The new buildings typically have many more floors, which makes the older buildings look like pygmies.

The classics are usually very ornate.

On the 25th, we again walk the local area and visit the Eva Peron Museum, which is located only 4 blocks from the apartment.

I can't imagine Paris feeling much different.
Two apartment buildings across the park from our apartment.
As you walk around town, you see groups of dogs like this in nearly every block.

They seem to be waiting for their "dog walker" to pickup or drop off another hound.

On Wednesday, the 26th of April we ride about 10 miles west of downtown, to visit "Dakar Moto" (Dakar Motos).  We have heard many positive things about Javier and Sandy from other RTW riders.  They cater to long distance riders, providing a place to work on your bike, or provide mechanical service.  They also have beds if you want to stay a few days.  When we were there, we met 3 or 4 riders from all over the world.  It was fun to share notes with the other guys.

This African Twin was getting a valve adjustment.

We changed the oil and adjusted the valves on our old R100GS.

Every August, I try and ride the "Big Dog" ride in Colorado, which is hosted by Dr. Greg Frazier.  It is typically a ride for "Big" BMW's, which tramples the Rockies and it's passes on tough dirt roads and trails.  He has been around the world more times than I could ever dream of. 

Well, last year he took a passenger, Donna-Rae, on a journey from Alaska to the tip of South America, which was a long standing dream of hers.  Dr. Greg made her dream come true, in spite of a major barrier.  She has Parkinson's Disease.  Congratulations to her!

This is the bike that Dr. Greg rode with Donna-Rae to Tierra del Fuego.


Here is a link for their trip...


We were very surprised to stumble on the bike they used for their journey, at "Dakar Moto".

On Thursday, the 27th, we head out for our 1st "Then and Now" in Buenos Aires, so we catch a cab to the Recoleta Cemetery.  The place is huge!  We spent 6 hours walking around looking for the locations of 2 old photos.

We found this spot within 45 minutes.....

This is from the book, "South America Excursion", by Ernst Young, which was printed in 1940.

Not much has changed in 65 years, except the high rise in the background.

So we start thinking "This is going to be easy"! 


We spent nearly 6 hours trying to find the next photo.  We thought that we could look for the domes and crosses to find the angle the picture was taken from.  The cemetery is circled by buildings, so once we found the angle, we could identify the building. 

We nearly gave up, then it hit us!  The only tall building in 1925 was, most likely, the church. 

It took 2 days to get authorization to climb the steeple.

This photo was from Frank Carpenter's, "Carpenter's World Travels, Familiar Talks About Countries and People", written in 1925.
This is change!

If you look at the large domes and crosses in the back left and back right of the old photo, you can then see where they are today.

In order to get the prior photo, we had to get access to the very top opening of this church steeple.

It took 2 days to get authorization, but after trying to communicate with 4 or 5 people, we finally meet Father Wilson Diehl, who agreed to escort us up the tower.

The views from the steeple was stunning.  We would have liked to sit in the steeple for an hour or so.

It is really a special feeling, to view a city, from a steeple, where few get to ever visit.

Father Wilson Diehl and Sandy.

It was also his first visit to the top of the steeple.

He seemed to enjoy the climb to the top of the steeple as much as us!

I feel like a kid, every time we get to visit a "Special" spot.
The view, looking away from the cemetery.
This is the view looking up at the floor in the top of the steeple.

Father Wilson Diehl and I made sure we only stepped where the cross braces where located.

Another view from the steeple.

After getting our photo from the top of the steeple, we relax at the restaurant "La Biela", which is located in Recoleta, directly across from the cemetery.  "La Biela" in Spanish means connecting rod, as in a engine.  This restaurant has been around for many decades, and has a history of being very popular with car and motorcycle racers.

And now a few pictures from Recoleta Cemetery.

The tower in the background is where we took photos from.

A colorful market, across from the cemetery.
The structures look simple at first glance.
But most have subterranean levels.

You look through the glass doors, and down the stairways and this is what you see.

If you walked all the narrow walkways in Recoleta, you will walk many miles.

Recoleta is one of the most expensive cemeteries in the world, with unbelievable structures.

This was unusual.  The doorway led to a basement full of caskets.  This was the only building with a "Skylight".

And many have the caskets at street level and in basements.
Near Eva's resting spot is the only spot where you see many tourist.
The tour bus drops a load of tourist off so they can spend a few minutes to see Eva Peron's family site.

Sandy, snooping around......

Some buildings are in need of repair.  The door on this building was half open.

It is a shame to see the roots of plants destroying the buildings.

Hope they save it, before it is a lost building.
There is not a square foot for another tomb, but there were funerals both days we visited Recoleta Cemetery.

Loving Life in Buenos Aires!

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