Argentina 7

We have gotten lazy.  When we left Santiago, Chile, I thought that the next "Then and Now" was in Buenos Aires.

So this morning I start laying out plans for all the "Then and Now's" in Buenos Aires. 

Surprise!  I should have gotten some "Then and Now's" in Mar del Plata. 

Do we backtrack 400 miles?  Nope... too lazy! 

This photo is from the book "Fireside Travels in South America" by James Fitzpatrick, and printed in 1948.

As it turned out, we had a photo, but not from the exact same spot.  Are we going back?  Nope!

The next picture was also taken from same book printed n 1948.

This is the closest shot I had.  It is the same casino, but different distance and angle.  You can see that the Casino was the only large building in the old photo.  Now the entire center of the city is 8 to 12 story apartment houses.

So we are caught up in the "Then and Now's", so during the next few weeks we will attack the photos in Buenos Aires.

On the Sunday, the 23rd we head out for a relaxed day on the bike.  We ride to "Dakar Moto", a motorcycle shop (, but they were closed.  We have learned from others that ride South America, that the owners of Dakar Moto are really friendly and helpful for people on long rides.  Got to met them.  We will come back later this week.

Across the street from "Dakar Moto" is a guy washing his car.  We asked if we could wash the BMW, which is long overdue for a bath.  He was more than willing to let us wash the bike, but we had to FORCE him to take $3,00 to help cover the cost of the water.  After he washed his car, he helped me clean the bike up.  What a nice guy.

The bike had 5,000 miles of grime.
The 276c Garmin is always a good conversation piece.

Everyone seems to enjoy seeing where they live, on the color display.

I was so proud of the clean bike, I couldn't resist a picture before it gained a new layer of dirt.

We then rode Northwest along the Rio de la Plata on small side roads.  No destination, just wondering around.  We stumbled on a very large Car Show along the river.  If you don't like cars, scroll down a dozen or so pictures!

Many Fiats.....
A "Borgward".

I have never seen one, so I did a little reaserch.

Here is an interesting link with some very interesting photos.


Apparently they also race them.
Most of the cars were in excellent condition.
I think our old airhead R100GS has more horse power than this BMW car!
This was a 1936 Oldsmobile.

I am not sure if it was stretched, or came from the factory like this!

It was in concourse condition.

The variety of cars was very surprising!

The car shows which I have attended in California seem to focused on one or 2 types of cars.

This was the only Studebaker I could find.

The same Studebaker.
I flock of pristine VW's.
Here is a 1951 VW, which had 25 HP (less than 1/2 the HP of our motorcycle).

What was strange about this car was the windshield!

A spotlight built into the windshield.

This was a 1956 Meschermitt (that's what was on the window).  Front and rear.

Isard TS 400 Coupe.  This car was MUCH smaller that what this picture portrays. 

Love the Citron's. 

We saw many of these on the streets in Mendoza, but they seem much more rare here in Buenos Aires.

There were many hotrods and muscle cars.

And a lot of antiques.

After the car show we continued up the Rio de la Plata.

Sail boats line the canals of the river, and old abandon boats pollute the waters.
Sails boats line the river, mile after mile.
As modern as the Buenos Aires area is, you still see an occasional horse drawn cart.

It adds character!

Then we stumbled on the town of Tigre.  What a surprise!  I thought we were transported to Europe.

It is amazing what you run into when you putt around a bit.

Kids enjoying the waters in a really nice wood boat.

Long narrow boats lined the waters edge.

If I had seen this picture before our trip, I would not have believed that it was taken in South America!

The canals and islands go on and on.

We will go back and do more exploring in this area.

There were MANY boat storage buildings like this, where 100's of boats await there owners.
Tigre has more than it's fair share of fantastic buildings.
This is a scene I would expect in Miami.

We end the day with a great meal, at a restaurant recommended my an ADVRider member living in London.  Thanks Charlieb!

Makes me want to head home and take my accordion out of it's case.

Oops... Showing my age again!

This has been a long trip, but it STILL amazes us how we get up everyday and are sincerely surprised at the unexpected things we find, day after day after day after day. 

When is it going to get mundane?

By the Way.... Do you know the difference between a "Rut" and a "Grave"?

The "Dimensions'"......  Don't let life get you stuck in a "Rut".  There is time for that later....

Sandy and I are doing our best to stay out of the "Rut".

That's it through April 23, 2006.......  More to come.

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