Argentina 6

We arrive in Buenos Aires on Tuesday the 18th.  On Wednesday the 19th we visit, which is an excellent source for apartments in Buenos Aires.  Our 2 requirements are parking for the motorcycle and high speed internet.  We also wanted an older building, with a little history to it.

We took the first apartment we visited.  We set up a move in date for Friday.  But Thursday night we get back from walking around Buenos Aires, and we are told we do not have a room in the hotel.  I will not rant, but the hotel called 20 other hotels and could not get another room.  We lucked out and BytArgentina quickly arranged for us to move in that night.  So at 6:00 pm we load up the bike, in the rain, and ride 2.5 miles across Buenos Aires during the traffic hour through the core of the city.  Got the tires in a 4 inch wide, 4 inch deep groove, but managed to not drop the bike.

Our new home for our visit to Buenos Aires. 

With only 4 floors, it is one of the shortest buildings in Buenos Aires.

The 4 buildings on the left are typical apartment buildings in the neighborhood of Palermo.

Ours is on the right, behind the tress.

Once we get moved in, it is time to walk the streets of Palermo and central Buenos Aires.

Tango music and dancers are found throughout Buenos Aires.

The accordion is big down here.  This kid is getting an early start.

Typical older Buenos Aires apartment house.

  There are thousands of buildings like this.

On Friday we enjoy our first morning in the new apartment.  We are on the second floor, which overlooks a nice garden.  It is also a quiet apartment, as it is not exposed to the street.  We have never lived in a "CITY".  This is new to us.  Looking out our back window, you look up and have direct exposure to at least 100 other high-rise apartments.  This is very different compared to our home on a quiet golf course in Southern California.

High ceiling and wood floors....
This could be a great place to recharge our batteries.
The front doors overlook the park of Las Heras.

So we start our first day with a walk in our new neighborhood.

The buildings on the other side of the park are a little taller and newer than our place.
The old and new, all over Buenos Aires.
According to the books we have, we are in the neighborhood which has the most parks and wooded areas.

A monument to Eva Peron.

It seems like every other intersection or park has a monument to some event or person.
The weather was perfect for a walk around town.
The view from these windows is of the large park area of Palermo.
Time for a lunch break at an outside cafe.
Life is good.

Again, the "Coy" of Ecuador and Peru seem like light-years ago!

This street has very wide lanes when compared to the streets through the buildings of Buenos Aires.

A huge metal sculpture of a flower which slowly opens in the morning and then closes at night.

On the 22nd of April we take a taxi to La Boca, which is the old seaport of Buenos Aires.  I wish the sun had been out so that the colors would be a little more vibrant.

Because La Boca is a seaport, the trains come right through the village.

La Boca is very touristy. 

But if you get a few blocks from the area where the tour busses stop you get a much more realistic feeling of what La Boca is really like.

The area is old and worn, but very scenic.

We will return on a sunny day, and get some colorful shots.

Horses and carts, and we are less than 4 miles from the downtown area of Buenos Aires.
Some old bridges in La Boca.

But you have to take a small boat to get to the other side.

We asked the guy in this small boat, which hauls passengers from one side to the other, to take us to the other shore.

He refused.

After 2 minutes of trying to find out why, all three guys pointed their fingers like a gun, and then used the word "peligroso".


Very tourist oriented, but still is a must do.
We had lunch in La Boca.

Every 15 minutes different dancers show up and dance.

Hey, where do I get pants like these?

She was hot....

That's it through April 22, 2006.......  More to come.

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