Argentina 18

I have ridden more miles per day then I usually ride, during the last few days, so I was planning on relaxing in Posadas, Argentina.  It was Saturday (March 17, 2007) and Posadas is a nice, non-tourist town.  Loved it  My Saturday morning was going to be a putt around town in first gear doing about 8 miles per hour.

The train station of Posadas, Argentina.

View of bridge, which crosses the river from Argentina to Paraguay.

View is from my room.

Telephoto of bridge from room.

The bridge, from the shores of the Rio Parana,

As I rode around Posadas, I heard a squeaking sound from the motorcycle which was like the noise I heard when the weld for the Jesse rear case broke in Rosario, Argentina.  I inspected the Jesse weld and it was fine.  I then pulled the seat off the bike to look at the frame.  The SEAT LOCK was destroyed.  I thought the lock was making the bad noise!  I took out the Satellite phone and called Sandy, and asked her to get a SEAT LOCK from our local BMW dealer, and bring it down this next Wednesday.  Then I went to reinstall the seat and it would not fit.  Upon closer inspection I noticed that the entire rear sub-frame of the motorcycle had separated.  OH NO!  The SEAT and the JESSE mounts were holding the rear of the bike together!  I drove 2 mph to find a welder.  I noticed that every time I hit a bump, the rear of the motorcycle was swinging 2 to 3 inches, right and left!  Things can go from Good to Bad so fast!

The Jesse rear case and bracket, the seat, wiring, lights and sub-frame where removed.

I found a welder 3 blocks from where I found the problem.  It was Saturday.  Lucky to find somebody open!  I was concerned about the skill of the welder.  In the corner of the workshop was a home built helicopter.  I asked the owner/welder of the shop if he built it.  The answer was yes.  I asked if he did the welding, which looked 100% professional.  The answer was yes!  Great news...... No need to worry about his welding!

The owner and 2 assistants worked for over 3 hours on the bike.

Final touch up of the paint prior to re-assembly of the sub-frame on the motorcycle.

I showed up early in the morning and all they worked on was my motorcycle.  When the job was complete, they closed up the shop.  Then I asked how much.  They said it was nothing.  I thought they did not understand the question!  I ask again, how much was the bill.  They stated "Nothing Amigo".  We negotiated for a minute or 2 and they would not take a thing.  I stated that I would not agree to that, and insisted that they join me for dinner.  It was 1:00 pm and my job was to locate the best restaurant in town.

A quick lunch at a restaurant over looking the Rio Parana.

We had a great meal.  These people were so nice.  They treated me as a real friend.  I sure hope they feel the same way about me.  The food was excellent (pepper steak).  The friends were superb!

The Rio Parana is in the back ground (the reason for the black background). 

After dinner they asked if I would be interested in visiting their country home overlooking a small river about 12 miles from Posadas.  The answer was "SURE"!

On Sunday morning (March 18, 2007) they picked me up at the hotel and we drove to their castle!

Road to the Castle..............

The owner of the shop flew helicopters and airplanes. 

I did not realize that he had his own hanger at the opposite end of the field, which is his runway! 

I knew right away, that I was going to have a great Sunday with new friends!

The hanger for the airplane and helicopter.

There were other building in the trees, where he had MANY projects going on!

When I referred to his place as a castle, I meant "Castle".  Is this cool or what! 

How neat is it to meet people, which are instant friends and spend the day with Argentines' in this beautiful area of Argentina!

View of home, from the far end of the runway.  He had a little mishap with the airplane and is in the process of rebuilding the front end.  We both have something in common.  We have both crashed an airplane!

I even got to ride an ATV for a while.  This day could not have been any better!

A project in one of the other buildings.

And another project.......
And another.....

I started to calculate the time for each project, 1 year here, 2 years there, etc., etc., etc!

After talking with him, we figure he has to live to 150 years old!

It felt like a "Story Book Day".
And there was no shortage of food!

Amigos, on the roof of the castle........
The runway, between the hanger and castle.....

Seeing things like Cuzco, Iguaçu Falls, Quito, Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego and on and on and Nice.  

But it is the days like this which are the BEST.

I will remember my new friends in Posadas for the rest of my life!

Relaxing with my new friends, sitting on the grass runway!

I think I may have gone crazy.

The thought of purchasing an old car like this, and driving (slowly) around Argentina is starting to cross my mind!

The engine of the same car.

It is either 32 or 38 hp.

Most of what you are looking at is the transmission.

The engine is VERY small (the section under the air filter).

I figure you can by one of these for about $1,500 to $2,000.

Drive it around Argentina for a few months and then sell it for nearly what I paid for it!

The 2 seat home built airplane.

Monday (March 19th) was a holiday.  I was invited to dinner at their home in Posadas.  The last few days have been a real high point of this adventure.  How neat is it to be invited into the home of new friends?  I would have never thought that the heart break of finding the broken frame on the motorcycle would lead to new friendsI am almost glad that the frame broke!

The next morning I must head to Iguaçu Falls, to meet Sandy on Thursday. 

It was difficult to leave Posadas and my new found friends.

That is it, through the 19th of March.

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