Argentina 14

This is a continuation of the local ride around Cordoba, Argentina.....

Once you get about 10 miles west of Cordoba, it turns into rolling hills.

I had a nice ride on these twisty roads.

Leaving most of the weight I typically carry on the bike, at the hotel room, I was able to have some fun!

I took a dirt road to the top of a peak, and found an observatory.
Then I visited the small village of Cuesta Blanca.

It had many hotels for the summer travel season.

And a small river which flowed through the area.

I was a little slow with the camera, so I missed the perfect shot!

Just in case you missed the details.......
And this is what I found at the end of the dirt road.....

After another 10 miles, I arrive at another vacation resort, Carlos Paz.

I felt like I was at a recreational lake in the states, with all the ski boats and jet skis.

Many nice homes on the shore of the lake.

Then I took a dirt road to this church located high on a mountain overlooking the lake.

Odd architecture...
The view from the church.....

The next destination was the Eden Hotel, in La Falda, Argentina.  It was supposed to be a paradise on Earth, a luxury spa deep in the New World. But this fallen Eden is now in ruins - haunted by its past as an Argentine haven for Nazis and their supporters.

On the tour of the closed hotel, I learned about it's ties to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.  The resort was a magnet for the rich and famous early last century, luring Albert Einstein in 1925.   Che had also visited the Eden Hotel.

But the heyday was short-lived and the hotel was plunged into disrepute and eventual ruin by the Nazi sympathies of its former owners.
The hotel is a haunting testament to the murky relationship Argentina shared with the Nazis, hundreds of whom flocked here after the war, drawn by the open-door policy of General Juan Domingo Peron, who had fascist sympathies.
The hotel dates from 1897, the brainchild of a German hotelier, and passed into the hands of another German family, the Eichorns. The town of La Falda, a resort 725km northwest of Buenos Aires, evolved to service the hotel.

This was the electrical power room for the hotel.

The Eden Hotel had its own 18-hole golf course, a fleet of Model T Fords, orchards, a ballroom decked out with oak imported from Slovenia and stairs hewn from Italian marble.
The owners Walter and Ida Eichorn were fervent supporters of Hitler, and when Argentina declared war on Germany shortly before the fall of the Third Reich, the hotel was confiscated by the government as enemy property.
The entry to the Presidential suite....

Not so Presidential today!

The Presidential bathroom.
The view of the Presidential balcony.
It is sad that this place has not been restored.
I was told that $6,000,000 could get it back in shape.

Any offers?

The ceiling in the rooms were at least 10 feet high......

The reason I searched for the Eden Hotel was the hotel was another "Then and Now", from the book by Sydney Clark, called "East Coast of South America" ( 1940).  Well, the pool no longer exists!

It was replaced many years ago with this simple pool!  This pool was in a completely different location.

The following was another "Then and Now", from the 1940 book called South America Excursion.  I spent 2 hours driving around La Falda, and was never able to identify this view.

But La Falda is heavily developed today!

In the old picture it appeared that there was a small lake in the bottom of the valley.

This was the only lake I could find, but I could not duplicate the angle............

A neat church in La Falda........

The next "Then and Now" is from Sydney Clark's book of 1940.  La Cumbre is about 8 miles north of La Falda.

Not a lot of change..

A statue on top of the hill over looking the church picture above....

That's it through the 24th of February, 2007.

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