Zion to Home


This page shows the final three days of our vacation, which includes Zion National Park and Las Vegas.

This is the road into Zion when entering from the East.

This is the first (smaller) tunnel as you enter from the East.

This is the LONG tunnel, which was built back in the 20's.

Clouds hanging on the cliffs and ridges. A view from Weeping Rock.

More Clouds

Jacob, with flaming shoes.


We took a short hike up a canyon.  We got to a point where you could hike no farther, unless you were willing to hike up and through the water.

Jacob enjoying the Lazer Show

Jacob did not do much walking

Grandpa, introducing Jacob to the ways of the world.

I just wished that the lady in BLUE would stop pushing me.

And in front of Jacob!

I believe one of Jacob's favorite experiences on the trip was Las Vegas and Circus Circus.
He loved the circus acts.
This picture, with Grandma, was shot early in the night.

Jacob ended up going home with a dozen stuffed animals.

Well, that is it for this vacation.


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