South to Alamos

As we head south you still see things being done much as they have been done in the past.
In Hermosillo the booming economy allows many homes that would not be out of place in the nicer parts of Orange County.  

Hermosillo even has a BMW car dealership! 

We stopped to have a tacos.

But, we were walked into a delicatessen, to pick out steaks.  A great meal for $4.00 each.

This lady made tortillas larger than any I have ever seen.
A beautiful bay near Guaymas.
Many Americans have homes on the bay in San Carlos.


We finally arrive in Alamos.  

This is the point where the real Mexico and Vacation begins. 

This is the view through the arches of the Los Portales Hotel.  

My parents took the family here 40 years ago.  It has not changed.  It is a magnificent place to visit and unwind.

The town square of Alamos.
The church Spire!

Built when attention was given to detail.

As Sandy keeps eyeing the people eating, she began to get hungry herself.
This is where we enjoyed a  lunch of tacos and orange Fanta.
Flowers abound in Alamos.  

The streets are cobblestone and litter is nowhere to be found.

Walking tours are available, which include "peeks" inside many of the homes of Alamos.

Cobblestone streets and flowers are everywhere.

If you do not go to Mexico, this is what you are missing out on!

Try to find litter!
Colonial structures are the rule in Alamos.  All homes are built right up to the street.  

Notice the "HIGH" curbs, which are common in Colonial villages.

This is Kissing Alley.  It connects the village's two town squares.

The boys and girls meet here in the evenings to sneak a kiss, while the elders sit on benches in the town squares.

This lady was approximately 70 years old and still working hard.

The work ethic is still strong in Mexico.

A look down on Alamos, from a hilltop.

The airport runway can be made out in the upper right corner of the picture.


This is the sidewalk in front of a home in Alamos, which was once owned by the Hershey family.  

Unbelievable beauty!

I'll leave the inside of the home to your imagination!

We took a day trip to San Bernardo, in the hills near Alamos.  

It was a ride through many isolated villages, like the one to the left. 

During the 5 hour ride, Sandy's rear got sore. 

Some things have not changed much in Mexico!

This is the kind of sight which we appreciate so much.

Donkeys roam freely through the dirt streets of the villages.
Sandy is concerned about her rear as we mount up to ride the dirt road back to Alamos.
The white church in the small village of San Bernardo.
Our snack stop.  

Even the Coca-Cola trucks must endure the dirt road to deliver their products to the Coca-Cola dependant Mexicans.

It is now time to head further south to Mazatlan, Mexico.

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