Never pass up a gas station in Mexico.  I have heard that, time and time again.  But I always think the big fuel tank on the R100GS will get me out of trouble.  NOT!  Today's ride to Quelite was very enjoyable.  Quelite is located 40 miles northeast of Mazatlan.  A really neat little village (little, as in no gas station!).

Neat houses, in a neat village, in a neat country....... This is Mexico.



Quelite is proud of a ranch, where they raise fighting cocks for the traditional "Mexican Cock Fights".  

Road side signs throughout the village assure that you will be able to locate this ranch.

Each cock is tied to the white slabs of concrete.  

I am not sure why this makes them "Mad", but it apparently works.

Only in Mexico, would you find the fighting cock ranch next to the local cemetery.

Apparently the zoning laws are lax!

In Quelite we rode the motorcycle up a narrow trail, to a small peak, in the middle of the village.

The view was excellent!

Can you find anything unusual about this small adobe?

Like a few cacti growing on the roof!



Rivers and streams are always used as car washes in Mexico.
Heading back to Mazatlan, we pass the "Tropic of Cancer".

This seems to be the line around the globe which ensures that my blood pressure drops 10 points.  Things just seem to slow down a bit, the farther south one travels.  

Changes in Latitude..... Changes in Attitude.... I think Jimmy Buffet understands my point of view!

It was time for us to return to Mazatlan, so that we can head out for yet ANOTHER adventure!

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