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This page covers Wednesday and Thursday of our trip.  We drove from Durango to Silverton.  This is the same course we took in the train, but it is soooo beautiful, it is worth doing 2, 3 or 4 times.  Unbelievable views!  Following Silverton, we visited Ouray and Bryce Canyon.  This is a great summer trip, but it was also an excellent winter wonderland.

This part of the trip included some steep, windy and remote roads.  This sign was seen when we were stuck driving after dark.  The drive was through such scenic terrain, that we camped at the bottom of the hill, so that we could enjoy the area's beauty the following morning.

This was the view of Silverton, Colorado, through the windshield of the Bluebird.
Wendy, Jacob, Sandy and Jun in Silverton, waiting to watch the train depart to Durango.
The train leaving Silverton.

The sounds which a steam engine make are great.

Ouray, Colorado, the Switzerland of the America's.

We are now in Capitol Reef National Park.  This park is off the beaten path, but well worth the effort.


Tapestry Wall, with a neat dirt road heading down the canyon.

Wishing we had a jeep.  

It was a little too cold for the motorcycle.


The "Kid".

The "Storm" between Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon. Crossing a stream in the Bluebird.  Fantastic Autumn colors.

In Bryce Canyon, the rain is changing to snow.


It was at this point, in Bryce Canyon, which we knew, for a fact, that this was a winter trip.

I was not sure why, but nobody seemed interested in taking the BMW for a ride.
This was about all we could see of Bryce Canyon.
It was beautiful, in a "Wintry" way.

 Sandy is not sweating.  She is experiencing the transition from wet rain to dry snow.

The snow and the Canyon look great together.

It was now time to put the snow in our rear view mirror, and head for drier weather in Zion National Park.

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