Mesa Verde

It was Monday, the 23rd of October.  It included the drive from Lake Powell to Durango, which includes Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park.  Today we saw rain, snow and hail, but we had fun in spite of the inclement weather.

To the right: Jacob at the Cliff Palace (Mesa Verde)

Jacob enjoying the comforts of the motorhome.

Raining in Monument Valley Mexican Hat

Bluff, Utah
Jun and Jacob at Four Corner.  This is the only spot in the nation, where four states meet in one location.

The states include Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

It was a hard rain. 

We finally made it to Mesa Verde.  This was the first hail encountered on the trip!  It was hailing so hard that the two pictures below were both shoot through the windshield of the motorhome.

Jacob's introduction to the Mesa Verde "Cliff Palace" Indian dwelling.
Enjoyed a Park Ranger's lecture in the rain.  Luckily, we where under a overhang.

Jacob stayed very focused during the lecture.

The "Cliff Palace"


Wendy, Jun, Jacob and Sandy

Above: The Ruins    

Right: Jacob concentrating during a lecture.

Our last lookout in Mesa Verde

Cooking, while traveling to Durango, for our next days adventure

It is now time to head for the Steam locomotive in Durango, Colorado

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